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quality before quantityQualität vor Quantität
quality rather than quantityKlasse statt Masse
transformation of quantity into quality
Umschlagen {n} von Quantität in Qualität [Friedrich Engels]
in terms of quality and quantity {adv}qualitativ und quantitativ
quantityQuantität {f}
quantityMenge {f} [Quantum]
messbare Größe {f}
quantityBetrag {m}
Größe {f}
quantityUmfang {m}
quantityMasse {f}
quantityAnzahl {f}
flow quantity
Strömungs­menge {f}
quantity shippedgelieferte Menge {f}
daily quantityTagesmenge {f}
quantity suppliedgelieferte Menge {f}
quantity productionMassenfertigung {f}
delivery quantity
Liefermenge {f}
reference quantityReferenzmenge {f}
tiny quantityKleinstmenge {f} [kleine bis sehr kleine Menge]
saturation quantitySättigungs­menge {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Seed priming before sowing is considered to be one of the promising ways to provide value-added solutions to maximize the natural potential of seed to set the plant for maximum yield potential with respect to both quality and quantity.
  • Before the first vehicle was even delivered, it was decided on 26 June 1934, as part of the Plan 1934 to improve both quantity and quality of French tank production, to change the specifications for an AMC: its armour had to be immune to anti-tank guns.
  • This instar requires maximum food quality and quantity in order to aid in full development, otherwise the larva dies before becoming an adult butterfly.
  • Gold loans are issued to customers after evaluating the quantity and quality of gold in the items pledged.
  • Rhodes believed that this was because the Newsletter’s Bibliographies and Reviews sections had given students access to material and research that had previously been unavailable to them: “In comparison with the limited ethnomusicological literature in English that appeared during the first half of the present century, the production of books and monographs during the past decade is remarkable in quantity, quality, and range of subject matter."

  • A video produced by Jesuits points out that the "more" is a matter of depth and quality, rather than of quantity.
  • When testing a students technical skills, Jitsu prefers quantity over quality and high speed.
  • Archeologists unearthed 161 metal objects - out of them 11 made of gold - in the vicinity of Kiskőrös in 2016, representing the biggest ever Middle Bronze Age found - both quantity and quality - in the areas between the Danube and Tisza (in Hungarian: Duna-Tisza köze).
  • When the site was initially launched, there was a greater emphasis on quantity rather than quality, but the expected quality of submissions has risen as the user base and popularity of the site has steadily increased over its life-time.
  • Quality over quantity was paramount to them and this carried well to those restarting production of alcohol at the brewery.

  • Other springs in the region that met Roman quality and quantity guidelines were also equipped with aqueducts to feed the main line.
  • In addition, the founder of this tribe favored quantity over quality in reproduction and thus Recognition's influence was significantly reduced to allow for more frequent conceptions.
  • The paper industry in England was then in its infancy and the quantity of quality rag paper for the book was imported from France.
  • The American replacement system, which focused on quantity over quality, ensured that the majority of fresh troops reaching the front lines were not properly trained for combat.
  • In 1864 Jevons published "Pure Logic; or, the Logic of Quality apart from Quantity", which was based on Boole's system of logic, but freed from what he considered the false mathematical dress of that system.

  • Pryor's vast quantity of releases issued by Laff is a case in point.
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