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quality bonusQualitätsprämie {f}
bonusZugabe {f}
to bonusPrämien gewähren
Sonderdividende {f}
bonusSonderprämie {f}
bonusSondervergütung {f}
bonusZulage {f}
bonusGeldprämie {f}
bonusPrämie {f} [Leistungs­-]
bonusBonus {m}
Extradividende {f}
bonusTantieme {f}
bonusGratifikation {f}
bonusErfolgsprämie {f} [Bonus]
bonusGutschein {m}
bonusDreingabe {f}
cash bonusBarvergütung {f}
bonus transactionPrämiengeschäft {n}
bonus reserveBonusrücklage {f}
bonus moneyPrämiengeld {n}
bonus dividendaußerordentliche Dividende {f}
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  • To further improve the size and therefore quality of the film on the disc, Superbit discs contained a reduced amount (and usually are completely devoid) of bonus material, such as documentaries or interviews, which can be found on regular DVDs.
  • In 2005, "Chicago at Carnegie Hall" was remastered and re-issued on three CDs by Rhino Records with much improved sound quality, a bonus disc of eight tracks of alternate takes and songs not on the 1971 edition, plus recreations of nearly all the original posters and packaging.
  • The four-disc set features 24 original episodes from the series presented uncut and digitally remastered from original color negatives for superior quality, as well as several bonus features.
  • From the original recorded that was planned for release in 1989 as "Tunes from the White Room", in 1997, a bootleg CD, taken from a low-quality cassette rip was released and included some bonus tracks.
  • The extended fully remastered soundtrack "Eye Spy: Declassified, Freedom of Information Act" was re-released in 2010 as high-quality MP3s with new artwork by Peter Chung and a previously unreleased third volume of music.

  • stated that the reissue sounds a little cleaner from the enhanced production quality.
  • All episodes have been digitally remastered from original 35mm film elements to yield the best picture and sound quality possible with current technology.
  • Unfortunately, even though the packaging states "Digitally Enhanced", the picture quality of the discs actually leaves a lot to be desired and is reproduced from many generations of copies down from the master.
  • However, lack of satisfaction with the final sound quality of the mixing process led to a postponement of the album.
  • Tracks 17-19 were taken from the 1986 "Outtakes From First 7 inch" vinyl single (tracks 18 and 19 are the same as tracks 8 and 4, but in inferior quality).Track 20-24 are garage demos, track 20 having previously appeared on the "Northwest Hardcore" compilation tape and track 22 on the "Let's Kiss" compilation tape from K Records.

  • com" sessions and several poems, bookended by low-quality audio recordings of Hitler-Barassi and Flaubert discussing various topics whilst watching a pornographic film.
  • Upon release, critics were impressed by the improved sound quality and the group's ability to survive the loss of Gabriel without sacrificing the quality of the music.
  • "Quidam"’s music was composed by Benoît Jutras and has been released in three album editions featuring additional songs, alternative new cover designs, and higher quality sounds.
  • The re-release provides superior audio quality than what is possible on DVD, but video is only marginally improved (the standard-definition video is now up-scaled to 1080i).
  • The resulting production quality reflects the pressured timeline, though the album was recognized as having strong songs and performances.

  • Reviewer Ed Dawson for "PC PowerPlay" praised the quality of the levels, but noted the "uniformly medium size" of the commercial levels and the high purchase price for predominantly shareware content.
  • In 2011 Sundazed Records reissued "Psychedelic Lollipop" and "Electric Comic Book" on limited edition (1000 copies) vinyl and CD from the first generation Mercury master tapes with greatly improved sound quality compared to earlier reissues.
  • The controls cannot be adjusted and the quality is lower than other emulated versions.
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