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NOUN   quick info | -
quick info
Quick-Info {f}
quick info [coll.]Schnellinfo {f} [ugs.]
short info <S-info> [coll.]Kurzinfo {f} <K-Info> [ugs.]
info class
Info-Klasse {f}
additional info [coll.]Zusatzinfo {f} [ugs.]
info booth [coll.]Infostand {m} [ugs.]
info sheet [coll.]Infoblatt {n}
info leaflet [coll.]Infoblatt {n}
spare parts info
Ersatzteil-Info {f}
info desk [coll.]Infotresen {m} [ugs.]
bit of infoInformation {f}
ancillary info [coll.]Zusatzinfo {f} [ugs.]
info {sg} [coll.]Infos {pl} [ugs.]
info leaflet [coll.]Info-Flyer {m} [ugs.]
contact info [coll.]Kontaktinfo {f} [ugs.]
stock material info recordInfosatz {m} für Lagermaterial
info at a glanceKurzinformation {f}
info point [also: Info-point]Infopoint {m} [ugs.] [Auskunft]
safety info [coll.] [safety information] Sicherheitsinfo {f} [ugs.] [Sicherheitsinformation]
More info? Just fax us!
Mehr Info? Mit Fax ganz fix! [ugs.]
info [coll.] [short for: information]Info {f} [ugs.] [kurz für: Information]
quick {adj}geschwind [südd.]
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  • Quick-Info {f} = quick info
  • Info {f} [ugs.] = 411 [Am.] [sl.]
  • Info-Klasse {f} = info class
  • Ersatzteil-Info {f} = spare parts info
  • beim Info-Stand = at the information desk
  • Info-Flyer {m} [ugs.] = info leaflet [coll.]
  • Kurzinfo {f} <K-Info> [ugs.] = short info <S-info> [coll.]
  • Info {f} [ugs.] [kurz für: Information] = info [coll.] [short for: information]
  • Quick {m} [Kenngröße] = prothrombin time
  • Quick-Wert {m} = Quick's value
  • Quick-Test {m} = quick test
  • Mehr Info? Mit Fax ganz fix! [ugs.] = More info? Just fax us!
  • Quick-Win-Aktion {f} = quick win action
  • Quick-Zeit {f} [Prothrombinzeit] = Quick's time
  • Quick Tip {m} [Hinweis, Schnellhilfe] = quick tip
  • quick [regional, bes. nordd.] = lively
  • Quick-Win {m} [schneller Erfolg] = quick win
  • Quick und seine Freunde = The Quickdraw McGraw Show
  • Quick-Test {m} [Bestimmung der Thromboplastinzeit] = Quick's test
  • Quick-Fix {m} [schnelle (Schein-)Lösung] = quick fix
  • Bildqualitäts-Quicktest {m} <BQ-Quick-Test> = image quality quick test <IQ quick test>
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  • A new automatic setup feature called "Quick Start" aims to simplify the first-time setup of new devices, with wireless transfer between the old and new device, transferring preferences, Apple ID and Wi-Fi info, preferred Settings, and iCloud Keychain passwords.
  • badly in need of a quick-reference card".
  • "Computer Gaming World" stated that the "quick and intense" "Ballblazer" "squeezes more out of the Atari 400/800 than any game I've ever seen ...
  • called the Amiga version a game that required "both forethought and quick reflexes ...
  • It was an upgrade to the prior AOL Quick Buddy, which was later available for older systems that cannot handle Express before being discontinued.

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