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NOUN   a quick install | quick installs
quick install
Schnellinstallation {f}
install wizard
Installationsassistent {m}
to install software
Software aufspielen
to install sth. [software]
etw.Akk. aufspielen [installieren]
to re-install sth.
etw.Akk. neu installieren
to install an app
eine App installieren
Install jumper X.
Brücke X stecken.
to install a standeinen Stand aufbauen
easy-to-install {adj}montagefreundlich
to install (roof) battens
einlatten [Dachlatten]
to install sth. [software]
etw.Akk. einspielen [installieren]
ready to install {adj} [postpos.]
installationsfertig [einbaufertig]
to install sth. [machine etc]
etw.Akk. aufstellen
ready to install {adj} [postpos.]einbaufertig
to install sb. in officejdn. in ein Amt einführen
to install a telephone connection
einen Telefonanschluss legen
to install sb. [appoint to office etc.]
jdn. einsetzen [in eine Position setzen]
to install sth. [fix, attach, mount]
etw.Akk. einbringen [einbauen, aufbauen]
install [coll.] [short for: installation]
Installation {f} [Vorgang]
to install sth. [fix, attach, mount]etw.Akk. einrichten [installieren]
to install software on the computer
Software auf dem Computer installieren
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • For domestic applications of shade sails it is recommended to install them with a quick release "snap hook" at each corner.
  • Aluminium ductwork is lightweight and quick to install. Also, custom or special shapes of ducts can be easily fabricated in the shop or on site.
  • These are commonly used as guy anchors for utility poles since they are quick to install with a truck mounted hydraulic powered auger drive.
  • Both T-11 and RBB sheets are quick and easy to install as long as they are installed with compatible flashing at butt joints.
  • CORENA also co-ordinates a series of Quick Win projects that provide interest-free loans, consisting of money collected through donations, to nonprofit community groups to install solar power or solar hot water systems and/or for energy efficiency measures.

  • In addition to the supply route from the OEMs many distributors of construction machinery will install quick couplers onto machines before delivery at the request of a customer.
  • In 1838 he persuaded Sir Charles Wheatstone and William Fothergill Cooke to install their five-needle telegraph system between Paddington Station and West Drayton and to carry out experiments.
  • Previously, end users had to install CD burning software.
  • if you want to install a theme for Enlightenment or another themable EFL app, you would be installing an EET-format file, which contains all of the theme graphics and configuration and it does not need to be extracted onto the filesystem in order to be used.
  • A main distribution frame normally took six months to manufacture and install but one ready for shipment to another office was located at Western Electric and diverted to New York.

  • ... 4 upwards) and required users to manually install the Adobe AIR runtime.
  • It was intended for use by people who are unwilling or unable to install a standalone application or those at computers that lack the AIM application.
  • org. Install an internal drainage system if you have severe drainage problems.
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