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NOUN   quicklime | -
VERB   to quicklime | quicklimed | quicklimed
quickliming | quicklimes
SYNO burnt lime | calcined lime | calcium oxide | ...
quicklime [CaO] [calcium oxide]
Ätzkalk {m}
quicklime [CaO]
Branntkalk {m}
quicklime [CaO] [calcium oxide]
Kalkerde {f}
quicklime [CaO] [calcium oxide]
ungelöschter Kalk {m} [Calciumoxid]
dolomite quicklime [dolomitic lime] [CaMgO2]
Dolomitbranntkalk {m} [Dolomitkalk]
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  • La Calera's name comes from the production of quicklime (Spanish "cal") that is obtained from the processed limestone (Spanish: "piedra caliza") (calcium carbonate), extracted from the hills at the south of the town, which were already exploited by the Chilean and Peruvian natives for some 400 years previously.
  • Penwyllt developed primarily as a result of the need for quicklime in the industrial processes in the lower Swansea Valley, taking limestone from the quarries and turning it into quicklime in lime kilns.
  • Slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) can be formed by mixing quicklime with water.
  • The absorbent used is almost always sodalime, or a material based on sodalime, but in former times slaked lime or quicklime or caustic soda was sometimes used.
  • Historically, antiperistasis as a type of explanation was applied to numerous phenomena, from the interaction of quicklime with cold water, to the origin of thunder and lightning.

  • During the Middle Ages the district got the name of "Vinea Thedemari", while its northern part was named "Calcaràrio", after the limekilns ("Calcàre"), which throughout centuries produced quicklime obtained by burning the marbles of the Roman Fora.
  • The 15th-century engineer Taccola recommended quicklime, although its use went back to ancient times, and might well have been a component of Greek fire.
  • A hotel, store, express office and opera house were located there. In this vicinity, John Owen produced quicklime from the quarry located there.
  • The limestone in the central shaft collapses as it burns to quicklime, making space for new limestone to be added to the top of the stack.
  • There is a medium-sized "three-quarter" lime kiln by the beach, used for converting the limestone brought in by boat to quicklime. This was used on the land, in this case on Dinas Island.

  • The decapitated corpses of the guillotine victims were thrown in specially dug trenches and covered in quicklime to speed up the decomposition process. There were no markers.
  • After the local quicklime factory closed down in the 1990s, many locals moved away to nearby municipalities, looking for similar jobs.
  • In the 1960s, U-I had five factories, down from the 28 they had built. They also owned a lime quarry west of Victor, Idaho, used as quicklime for the Lincoln, Idaho factory in processing beets.
  • The labor-intensive process depended on slave labor to crush and burn the oyster shells into quicklime.
  • Quicklime is also thought to have been a component of Greek fire. Upon contact with water, quicklime would increase its temperature above [...] and ignite the fuel.

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