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r-process [rapid neutron-capture process]
r-Prozess {m}
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Übersetzung für 'r process' von Englisch nach Deutsch

r-process [rapid neutron-capture process]
r-Prozess {m}astron.phys.
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  • unlocking some of the mysteries of the R-process of stellar nucleosynthesis and probing the composition of the Earth's deep crust, creating reflection seismology vibroseis data which has helped geologists and follow-on mining company prospecting.
  • Grains bearing the isotopic signature of "r-process" (rapid neutron capture) and alpha process (alpha capture) types of nucleosynthesis are useful in testing models of supernova explosions.
  • Limiting factors in its precision are the quality of observations of faint stars and the uncertainty of the primordial abundances of r-process elements.
  • The dwarf galaxy Reticulum II is enriched in r-process heavy elements.
  • It is hypothesized that such elements, if formed by the r-process in exploding supernovae, are ejected fully ionized and so do not undergo radioactive decay as long as they do not encounter electrons in outer space.
  • Several of these are synthesized from lighter elements by the slow neutron capture process (S-process) inside old stars and by the R-process in supernova explosions.
  • Elements heavier than iron were produced in supernovae and colliding neutron stars through the r-process, and in AGB stars through the s-process, both of which involve the capture of neutrons by atomic nuclei.
  • Along with all elements having atomic weights higher than that of iron, uranium is only naturally formed by the r-process (rapid neutron capture) in supernovae and neutron star mergers.
  • The stable form of scandium is created in supernovas via the r-process. Also, scandium is created by cosmic ray spallation of the more abundant iron nuclei.
  • Compared to other ultra-metal-poor, r-process enriched stars (as CS22892-052, BD +17° 3248, HE 1523-0901) CS31082-001 has higher abundances of the actinides (Th, U), but a surprisingly low Pb abundance.
  • The "s"-process contrasts with the "r"-process, in which successive neutron captures are "rapid": they happen more quickly than the beta decay can occur.
  • The "r"-process entails a succession of "rapid" neutron captures (hence the name) by one or more heavy seed nuclei, typically beginning with nuclei in the abundance peak centered on 56Fe.
  • 910% of natural lanthanum: it is produced in the s-process (slow neutron capture, which occurs in low- to medium-mass stars) and the r-process (rapid neutron capture, which occurs in core-collapse supernovae).
  • 8682(2) u; Both isotopes of silver are produced in stars via the s-process (slow neutron capture), as well as in supernovas via the r-process (rapid neutron capture).
  • Stars fuse light elements to heavier ones in their cores, giving off energy in the process known as stellar nucleosynthesis.
  • The process of slow neutron capture used to produce nuclides as heavy as 257Fm is blocked by short-lived isotopes of fermium that undergo spontaneous fission (for example, 258Fm has a half-life of 370 µs); this is known as the "fermium gap" and prevents the synthesis of heavier elements in such a reaction.
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