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NOUN   a rabbet | rabbets
SYNO rabbet | rebate
to rabbet sth. [Am. or archaic]etw.Akk. falzen [Holz]
rabbet [Am.]
Falz {m} [Holztechnik]
rabbet [for window or door]Anschlag {m} [für Fenster oder Tür]
rabbetNut {f}
rabbetNute {f} [nicht fachspr.]
rabbet plane [Am.]
Simshobel {m}
rabbet plane [Am.]
Falzhobel {m}
side rabbet plane
Wangenhobel {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A disadvantage is that the shutters must be matched closely to the inside dimension of the casing and the shutter rabbet should match the thickness of the shutters.
  • "Deadrise" refers to the line rising upward horizontally from the keel rabbet (the point where the top of the keel connects to the hull) to the chine (or sideboards).
  • ] rabbet on opposite sides of each edge. The rabbet allows the boards to overlap in this area.
  • a rabbet) on the vertical edge(s) where they meet.
  • Parallel to the base and slightly lower is a secondary surface, the "fence", which may be a separate board, or may be a rabbet cut into the base.

  • The rebate plane commonly has a depth stop and a fence, which allows the width and depth of the rabbet to be gauged.
  • The panel is either captured in a groove made in the inside edge of the frame members or housed in an edge rabbet made in the rear inside edge.
  • The word "rabbet" is from Old French "rabbat", "a recess into a wall", and "rabattre" "to beat down".
  • In addition to making length cuts, a radial arm saw may be configured with a dado blade to create cuts for dado, rabbet or half lap joints.
  • The glass is fixed into a rabbet (rebate) in the frame in a number of ways including triangular glazing points, putty, etc.

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