Übersetzung für 'rabbinate' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   rabbinate | -
Rabbinat {n}
Chief Rabbinate
Oberrabbinat {n}
military rabbinate
Feldrabbinat {n}
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Übersetzung für 'rabbinate' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Rabbinat {n}relig.

Chief Rabbinate
Oberrabbinat {n}relig.
military rabbinate
Feldrabbinat {n}mil.relig.
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  • After college, Green trained for the rabbinate at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where he studied privately with Abraham Joshua Heschel.
  • Joseph Escapa (c. 1572–1662) served in the rabbinate of İzmir. He was probably born at Skopje, European Turkey, after which he is named.
  • A kollel (postgraduate institute) opened in 1922, to train graduates for the rabbinate. Bloch's son-in-law Chaim Mordechai Katz was dean ("rosh hakollel").
  • Rabbi Isaac Judah Loeb Rabinowitz (1806 – June 17, 1851) was an 19th-century Lithuanian rabbi and scholar, known for his position at the Vilna rabbinate.
  • Neumark supported the ordination of women as rabbis, and supported his daughter Martha Neumark to study for the rabbinate.

  • When the case broke out, the municipalities of Rotterdam and The Hague supported Jacobs, as well as the supreme rabbinate.
  • Guebwiller has been a rabbinate seat since 1910.
  • During the 2007–2008 Shmita, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel attempted to avoid taking a potentially divisive position on the dispute between Haredi and Modern Orthodox views about the correctness of the "heter mechira" leniency by ruling that local rabbis could make their own decisions about whether or not to accept this device as valid.
  • Haredi Jewish groups (such as Edah HaChareidis) do not recognize the authority of the Chief Rabbinate.
  • Rabbi Androphy received his rabbinate from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a doctorate from Harvard University.

  • During the infamous Tamari-Venturozzo divorce scandal of 1564, the Italian rabbinate was split over the validity of Samuel Venturozzo's bill of divorce.
  • The status quo arrangement in Israel officially recognised the authority of only the Orthodox rabbinate on all personal status issues.
  • During Operation Cast Lead, the army rabbinate under Rontzki's lead had a more significant presence on the field than traditional to the rabbinate.
  • Morris was born in Montreal, Quebec, where she studied and qualified in Law before choosing to study for the rabbinate in London, qualifying in 2002.
  • He was called to the rabbinate of Tarlow and Lisko, small Galician towns. In 1717 he replaced Rabbi Tzvi Ashkenazi in the chief rabbinate of Lemberg; and thence he was called to Berlin in 1731.

  • Due to concerns by the Orthodox Jewish rabbinate in Britain that texting by youths could waste time and lead to "immodest" communication, the rabbinate recommended that phones with text-messaging capability not be used by children; to address this, they gave their official approval to a brand of "Kosher" phones with no texting capabilities.
  • Moses Israel (died in 1802) His father Haim Abraham Israel and his uncle Reuben Eliyahu Israel had also headed the rabbinates of Cairo and Alexandria several years earlier.
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