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rabbinic literature
rabbinische Literatur {f}
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Übersetzung für 'rabbinic literature' von Englisch nach Deutsch

rabbinic literature
rabbinische Literatur {f}hist.relig.
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  • Like the rest of the rabbinic literature, the texts of kabbalah were once part of an ongoing oral tradition, though, over the centuries, much of the oral tradition has been written down.
  • "Gehinnom" is fairly well defined in rabbinic literature.
  • Allusions in Jewish rabbinic literature to Isaiah contain various expansions, elaborations and inferences that go beyond what is presented in the text of the Bible itself.
  • In classic rabbinic literature it differs from "Tzadik" ("righteous") by instead denoting one who goes beyond his ordinary duty.
  • Subsequent rabbinic literature is written in a blend between this style and the Aramaized Rabbinic Hebrew of the Talmud.
  • In a 1995 edition of Hirsch' Nineteen Letters, commentator Rabbi Joseph Elias makes an extensive effort to show Hirsch' sources in Rabbinic literature, parallels in his other works and those of other post-Talmudic Jewish thinkers.
  • Some statements found in rabbinic literature posit that Ezekiel was the son of Jeremiah, who was (also) called "Buzi" because he was despised by the Jews.
  • The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud and rabbinic literature.
  • It is not clear whether the Hebrew Bible contains prescriptions with regard to veiling, but rabbinic literature presents it as a question of modesty ("tzniut").
  • In Jewish Rabbinic literature, the month of Kislev is believed to correspond to the Tribe of Benjamin.
  • In rabbinic literature, the temple sanctuary is "Beit HaMikdash" (...), meaning, "The Holy House", and only the Temple in Jerusalem is referred to by this name.
  • According to rabbinic literature, God via the Torah commands Jews to "observe" (refrain from forbidden activity) and "remember" (with words, thoughts, and actions) Shabbat, and these two actions are symbolized by the customary two Shabbat candles.
  • However, "Toledot Yeshu" is not considered either canonical or normative within rabbinic literature.
  • ] Rabbinic literature used gematria to interpret passages in the Hebrew Bible.
  • It is also the first major work of rabbinic literature.
  • Business ethics receives an extensive treatment in Jewish thought and Rabbinic literature, both from an ethical ("Mussar") and a legal ("Halakha") perspective; see article "Jewish business ethics" for further discussion.
  • In rabbinic literature, the word "Torah" denotes both the five books ([...] "Torah that is written") and the Oral Torah ([...] , "Torah that is spoken").
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