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NOUN   a rabbit warren | rabbit warrens
SYNO rabbit warren | warren
(rabbit) warren
Kaninchenbau {m}
rabbit warrenKaninchengehege {n}
rabbit warren [fig.] [maze]Labyrinth {n}
ditch rabbit / rabbit's foot grass [Polypogon interruptus]
Unterbrochenes Bürstengras {n}
warrenKaninchengehege {n}
warrenGewirr {n} [von Hütten, Häusern]
Warren's skipper [Pyrgus warrenensis]
Alpen-Sonnenröschen-Würfel-Dickkopf {m} [Tagfalter]
Warren's skipper [Pyrgus warrenensis]
Warren-Würfelfalter {m}
Warren T. Rat [An American Tail]
Richard von Ratte [Feivel, der Mauswanderer]
warren [of narrow alleys and side streets]enges Straßengewirr {n}
Mrs. Warren's Profession [G. B. Shaw]
Frau Warrens Gewerbe
Warren's skipper [Pyrgus warrenensis, syn.: P. sifanicus]
Hochalpen-Würfel-Dickkopffalter {m}
Warren's skipper [Pyrgus warrenensis, syn.: P. sifanicus]
Alpiner Würfelfalter {m} [selten]
Warren's skipper [Pyrgus warrenensis, syn.: P. sifanicus]
Hochalpen-Würfelfalter {m}
Warren's skipper [Pyrgus warrenensis, syn.: P. sifanicus]
Alpen-Sonnenröschen-Würfel-Dickkopffalter {m}
Warren's spiny rat [Proechimys guyannensis, syn.: Proechimys cayennensis, Proechimys warreni]
Cayenne-Ratte / Cayenneratte {f}
Hase {m} [ugs. für Kaninchen, auch für Osterhase, in Märchen]
Kaninchen {n}
Karnickel {n} [regional] [Kaninchen]
rabbit earsKaninchenohren {pl}
pet rabbit
Hauskaninchen {n}
tame rabbit
Hauskaninchen {n}
wild rabbit
Wildkaninchen {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Sir Henry replaced parts of the deserted medieval village with an elaborate rabbit warren as well as a grand water garden with elevated embanked walkways.
  • An 18th century rabbit warren and a Bronze Age burial mound at Hut Hill are evidence of thousands of years of human occupation in the area.
  • According to the Assize Roll of the 14th century, Burhou was a rabbit warren, and a refuge for fishermen.
  • This method of building has often been criticised as creating a 'rabbit warren', impractical for the local police.
  • A pillow mound rabbit warren, some 36 metres in length, survives near Surrendell Farm.

  • The household diet was further supplemented when a rabbit warren and a doocot were added in 1569.
  • The rabbit warren where Cowslip lived in Richard Adams' "Watership Down" was in High Wood, just north-east of Burghclere village.
  • was given its name in the early 1900s when the squire of Buckingham Place, Shoreham, attempted to turn the old Beeding Tenantry Down sheep common into a commercial rabbit warren.
  • In the 1830s, the coney (rabbit) warren on Prior's Mesne estate was sold and houses (including the Warren) were built there.
  • The building consisted of seven different freeholds and had been described as "a Dickensian rabbit warren".

  • Multiple females may even use the same location, such as a rabbit warren.
  • In Richard Adams' "Watership Down", the rival rabbit warren of Efrafa was located just north of the railway above Northington Farm in Overton.
  • In 1560, it was described as a rabbit warren and by 1620, New Hall Manor had been constructed on the site.
  • The original reserve was a rabbit warren in mediaeval times and forms the reserve's core.
  • By the 13th century there was a deer park and a rabbit warren, and later activities included hare coursing, falconry and racehorse training.

  • There must have been sufficient packhorse and foot traffic because some time afterwards a small rabbit warren was established nearby to allow the inn to serve rabbit-pie with scrumpy.
  • In March 1552 live partridges and hares were sent to Brodick for the Regent's table and a special boring tool called a "wombill" was bought to make holes at the rabbit warren.
  • The 1894 novella "The Rabbit Warren" about a clergyman who'd been honoured for reporting people to the authorities and driving a police official into madness by his zealousness (one of "his most remarkable works and his greatest achievement in concentrated satire," according to Mirsky) was also banned and came out only in 1917 (in "Niva" magazine).
  • The history of St Andrews Links goes back to 1552 when John Hamilton was granted a charter to establish a rabbit warren to the north of the links.
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