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NOUN   a rabble | rabbles
SYNO mob | rabble | ragtag | ...
rabble [pej.]Gesindel {n} [pej.]
rabble [pej.]Pöbel {m} [pej.]
rabbleMob {m}
rabble [pej.] [riffraff]Gesocks {n} [ugs.] [pej.] [Gesindel]
rabbleLumpenpack {n} [pej.]
rabbleBagage {f} [ugs.] [pej.]
rabbleGeschmeiß {n} [Gesindel]
rabblePöbelhaufen {m}
rabbleSippschaft {f} [abwertend: Gesindel]
rabbleGelichter {n} [Gesindel] [pej.] [veraltet]
Rührwerk {n} [für Metallschmelzen]
rabbleGezücht {n} [veraltet] [pej.]
rabbleJanhagel {m} [nordd.] [veraltet]
2 Wörter: Andere
rabble-rousing {adj}hetzerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}wühlerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}aufhetzerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}aufwieglerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}aufrührerisch
2 Wörter: Verben
to rabble-rouseaufrührerische Reden führen
2 Wörter: Substantive
armed rabblebewaffneter Haufen {m}
armed rabble [pej.]bewaffneter Pöbel {m} [pej.]
rabble arm
Krählarm {m}
rabble rake
Krählwerk {n}
rabble-rouserHetzer {m}
rabble-rouserAufrührer {m}
rabble-rouserAufwiegler {m}
rabble-rouserVolksverhetzer {m}
Rattenfänger {m} [fig.] [pej.] [Volksverführer]
rabble-rousingVolksverhetzung {f}
rabble-rousingAufhetzerei {f} [durch Reden]
Hetze {f}
3 Wörter: Substantive
rabble-rousing speechHetzrede {f} [pej.]
4 Wörter: Verben
to make rabble-rousing speechesHetzreden halten
to rabble a (melting) bath
eine Schmelze umrühren
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  • In April 1525, in the Palatine Peasants’ War – part of the German Peasants' War – the "Bockenheimer Haufen" (“Bockenheim Cohort”) was formed, a rabble of peasants who joined the uprising.
  • Biadaczka Kol. A scattering of farmsteads on a rabble land to the east of the wetlands of a small stream. Staroscin is about 1.5 km to the southwest.
  • "King of Cuba", is a darkly comic fictionalized portrait of Fidel Castro, an octogenarian exile, and a rabble of other Cuban voices who refuse to accept their power is ending.
  • Checkpoints provide many advantages, including the ability to control how people enter so that security personnel (be it governmental or civilian) can screen entrants to identify known troublemakers (be they criminals, terrorists, or simple rabble-rousers) and locate contraband items.
  • An attack on Münster led by the three Anabaptists fails, and the returning rabble are rebellious.

  • Its first edition went online in January 2000. Publication ended in 2013, with some elements being absorbed into rabble.ca.
  • The strummed guitar and marching band elements (bagpipe emulation and percussion) signalled a change in musical direction—though the rabble-rousing-melody and football pitch vocal delivery were standard Skids fare.
  • Since 2011 he has been the parliamentary correspondent, based in Ottawa, for the online, left-of-centre Canadian newsmagazine rabble.ca.
  • While some have credited him with helping to improve racial problems in Springfield, Massachusetts, others have criticized him as a "rabble rouser," claiming that Swan supports Black nationalism and has made homophobic and antisemitic comments.
  • The individual hearths are lined with refractory brick, and the rabble arms are typically a force-cooled metal alloy. The entire structure is enclosed in a cylindrical brick-lined steel shell.

  • Despite heart trouble that results in him being hospitalized, a rabble-rousing writer (Dane Clark) refuses to give Dr. Casey and details of his medical history.
  • Herder carried folk theory to an extreme by maintaining that "there is only one class in the state, the "Volk", (not the rabble), and the king belongs to this class as well as the peasant".
  • In 1910, the Jews of Smolensk were victims of a bloody pogrom; in city there were rabble-rousing conditions.
  • James Hind (sometimes referred to as John Hind; baptized 1616, died 1652) was a 17th-century highwayman and Royalist rabble rouser during the English Civil War.
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