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NOUN   a rapid access | rapid accesses
rapid accessSchnellzugriff {m}
intravenous access <IV access> [peripheral venous catheter]
peripher-venöser Zugang {m}
Stromschnelle {f}
rapid {adj}rasch
rapid {adj}Schnell-
rapid {adj}rapide
rapid {adj}zügig
rapid {adj}prompt
rapid {adj}stürmisch [Entwicklung, Wachstum]
rapid {adj}rasant [ugs.]
rapid {adj}rapid [bes. österr.: rapide]
rapid {adj}schnell
rapid {adj}speditiv [schweiz.]
rapid methodSchnellverfahren {n}
rapid storageSchnellspeicherung {f}
ultra-rapid {adj}ultraschnell
rapid declineschnelles Nachlassen {n}
rapid welding
Schnellschweißen {n}
rapid saleschneller Verkauf {m}
rapid transitSchnellverkehr {m}
rapid pressSchnellpresse {f}
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  • This feature provided rapid access (35 ms. average access time), and a write lockout feature.
  • Hard disks and floppy disk drives require software to manage rapid access to block storage of sequential and other data.
  • The A2 road gives the area rapid access to the London Inner Ring Road, the South Circular Road and the M25 motorway.
  • In the audio series "Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures- The Conquest of Far" (set just after "Planet of the Daleks"), the Third Doctor (voiced by Tim Treloar) and Jo arrive on the distant Earth colony of Far, where the Doctor once aided in the construction of a hypergate providing rapid access to distant systems, only to discover that the Daleks have conquered the planet and intend to use the gate for themselves.
  • The technology used involves rapid access to client data and the use of personal, portable telephones.

  • The population live in villages, most of which are compact – the most densely populated are in the south where two railway lines and the M11 motorway provide rapid access to London.
  • Rapid Access: Users who feel that the timeliness of their research may be negatively affected by the length of the whole proposal-review process can request Rapid Access.
  • The G-15 has a drum memory of 2,160 29-bit words, along with 20 words used for special purposes and rapid-access storage.
  • It is convenient for the M32 motorway (with rapid access the M4 and M5), it is a semi rural area within two miles of central Bristol and it boasts a popular public school.
  • The Knox Box is part of a line of security-related products marketed as the Knox Rapid Access System.

  • The interface, although operating through a single-line fluorescent display, offers rapid access to all functions by the intelligent way that functionality is broken into "Modes" and "Pages".
  • Entre Ríos and Jujuy avenues have on-ramps and off-ramps to "Autopista 25 de Mayo" , an elevated toll road that provides rapid access to the western suburbs and to Ezeiza airport.
  • Where the size of the allocation map is too large for it to be stored within the inode, the map is moved into a B+ tree which allows for rapid access to data anywhere in the 64-bit address space provided for the file.
  • It provided storage for variables in analogue sound production, synchronization capability for multi-channel recording (the time-code could be recorded on a spare track), sufficient capacity for recording full compositions, editing capabilities and rapid access time.
  • Due to the high urban density, this design allows rapid access on and off the highway while also providing a viable alternate route in the case of accidents and traffic.

  • The modern formulae are very similar to rapid access developers (except for those additives) and therefore they enjoy long tray life.
  • Liskeard railway station, on the London Paddington to Penzance Cornish Main Line, and the A38 trunk road provide the town with rapid access to Plymouth, the rest of Cornwall and the motorway network.
  • It provides rapid access to Portsmouth and Southampton, and from there to London via the M3 and A3(M).
  • Barbed-wire fences were replaced with harder-to-climb expanded metal barriers; directional anti-personnel mines and anti-vehicle ditches blocked the movement of people and vehicles; tripwires and electric signals helped guards to detect escapees; all-weather patrol roads enabled rapid access to any point along the border; and wooden guard towers were replaced with prefabricated concrete towers and observation bunkers.
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