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NOUN   a rapid fire gun | rapid fire guns
rapid fire gun
Schnellfeuergeschütz {n}
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Übersetzung für 'rapid fire gun' von Englisch nach Deutsch

rapid fire gun
Schnellfeuergeschütz {n}weapons
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Oto Melara 127/64 Lightweight (LW) naval gun mount is a rapid-fire gun mount suitable for installation on large and medium size ships.
  • The history of the Hotchkiss 6-pounder (called the Rapid Fire gun rather than Quick Firer in the US) in United States Navy and Army service is a complex story.
  • The Billinghurst Requa Battery gun was an early rapid-fire gun used during the American Civil War.
  • O'Dwyer spent 15 years developing a rapid-fire gun prototype called Metal Storm that uses stacked projectiles.
  • In 1991, the ship was modernized under the "Wu-Chin I" programme, with one 5-inch gun mount replaced by an OTO Melara 76 mm rapid-fire gun, while adding five Hsiung Feng I anti-ship missiles and a quadruple Sea Chaparral surface-to-air missile launcher.
  • After specializing in hydrographic duties for 11 years, he spent two years in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) where he helped develop the Driggs-Schroeder rapid-fire gun in partnership with Navy Commander William H.
  • As gun weapons, the front deck is equipped with a 68-type 50 caliber 3-inch twin rapid-fire gun, and the Mk.10 20mm single-armed gun is installed on both sides of the rear end of the deck chamber.
  • His weapon can either fire as a rapid-fire gun or as a high-powered laser.
  • Two cars have an 8-inch rapid-fire gun, there is an ammunition car that is between the two gun cars, and a telescoping observation car.
  • naval gun and a twin 6-pounder rapid-fire gun which was remotely controlled from a [...] high lookout tower.
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