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rapid growthschnelles Wachstum {n}
rapid {adj}rasant [ugs.]
rapid {adj}Schnell-
rapid {adj}speditiv [schweiz.]
rapid {adj}rapid [bes. österr.: rapide]
rapid {adj}prompt
rapid {adj}zügig
rapid {adj}schnell
Stromschnelle {f}
rapid {adj}rapide
rapid {adj}stürmisch [Entwicklung, Wachstum]
rapid {adj}rasch
rapid-growing {adj}schnellwachsend
rapid testSchnelltest {m}
rapid methodSchnellverfahren {n}
rapid chess
Schnellschach {n}
rapid declinesteiler Abstieg {m}
rapid storageSchnellspeicherung {f}
rapid movementrasche Bewegung {f}
rapid streamreißender Fluss {m}
rapid developmentschnelle Entwicklung {f}
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  • , Austin's African American and non-Hispanic white percentage share of the total population was declining despite the actual numbers of both ethnic groups increasing, as the rapid growth of the Latino or Hispanic and Asian populations has outpaced all other ethnic groups in the city.
  • In 2017–18, the ACT had the fastest rate of growth in the nation due to a rapid growth in population, a strongly performing higher education sector as well as a significant housing and infrastructure investment.
  • The rapid growth of the Brexit Party was a contributing factor to Theresa May announcing on 24 May that she would step down as Prime Minister on 7 June 2019.
  • ERP systems experienced rapid growth in the 1990s. Because of the year 2000 problem many companies took the opportunity to replace their old systems with ERP.
  • The period coincided with massive growth in Internet adoption, a proliferation of available venture capital, and the rapid growth of valuations in new dot-com startups.

  • The end of the rapid growth phase suggests the onset of sexual maturity in "Albertosaurus", although growth continued at a slower rate throughout the animals' lives.
  • With the rapid growth of industrial workers in the auto factories, labor unions such as the American Federation of Labor and the United Auto Workers fought to organize workers to gain them better working conditions and wages.
  • After World War II, Dar es Salaam experienced a period of rapid growth.
  • The rapid growth is expected to continue until at least 2030 when Aarhus municipality has set an ambitious target for 375,000 inhabitants.
  • Although originally associated with the rapid growth of immigration from Asia and the vast tertiary student cohort from Asia, in Melbourne and Sydney bubble tea has become popular across many communities.

  • In the interwar period, there was considerable economic modernization in Bulgaria's agricultural sector, setting the conditions for rapid growth after World War II.
  • With the development of Aberdare as an industrial centre in the nineteenth century it became increasingly apparent that the ancient church was far too small to service the perceived spiritual needs of an urban community, particularly in view of the rapid growth of nonconformity from the 1830s onwards.
  • It first appears 33 days after fertilisation, shows steroid hormone production capabilities by the eighth week and undergoes rapid growth during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Although the group has engaged in kidnapping hostages to be exchanged for ransom for many years, this means of funding grew dramatically beginning in 2014, providing funds for the group's rapid growth.
  • France also staged a remarkable comeback enjoying rapid growth and modernisation; later on Spain, under the leadership of Franco, also recovered and the nation recorded huge unprecedented economic growth beginning in the 1960s in what is called the Spanish miracle.

  • Azerbaijan has a large and steadily growing Internet sector, mostly uninfluenced by the financial crisis of 2007–2008; rapid growth is forecast for at least five more years.
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