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NOUN   a ray-finned fish | ray-finned fish / ray-finned fishes
ray-finned fishes [class Actinopterygii]
Actinopterygii {pl}
ray-finned fishes [class Actinopterygii]
Strahlenflosser {pl}
ray-finned fishes [class Actinopterygii]
Actinopterygier {pl}
sb. fishesjd. angelt
benthic fishes
benthische Fische {pl}
fishes [species]
Fische {pl} [Arten]
schooling fishes
Schwarmfische {pl}
coastal fishes
Küstenfische {pl}
sb. fishesjd. fischt
loaves and fishes
Brot und Fische
cardinal fishes [genus Tanichthys]
Kardinalfische {pl}
cartilaginous fishes [class Chondrichthyes]
Knorpelfische {pl}
snaketooth fishes [family Chiasmodontidae]
Schwarze Schlinger {pl}
pinecone fishes [family Monocentridae]
Tannenzapfenfische {pl}
pinecone fishes [family Monocentridae]
Monocentriden {pl} [Tannenzapfenfische]
multiplication of loaves and fishes
Vermehrung {f} von Fisch und Brot
four-eyed fishes [genus Anableps]
Vieraugenfische {pl}
jellynose fishes [order Ateleopodiformes, family Ateleopodidae]
Tiefseequappen {pl}
unicorn fishes [genus Naso, subfamily Nasinae]
Nasendoktorfische {pl}
tubemouth fishes [family Solenostomidae; genus Solenostomus]
Geisterpfeifenfische {pl}
tadpole fishes [order Ateleopodiformes, family Ateleopodidae]
Tiefseequappen {pl}
the miraculous draught of fishes [Br.]
Petri Fischzug {m}
ostraciid fishes [family Ostraciidae, order Tetraodontiformes]
Kofferfische {pl}
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  • The Amiidae are a family of basal ray-finned fishes.
  • The ghost knifefishes are a family, Apteronotidae, of ray-finned fishes in the order Gymnotiformes.
  • The most primitive ray finned fishes retain the simple structure also found in lungfishes.
  • The Acipenseriformes are an order of primitive ray-finned fishes that includes the sturgeons and paddlefishes.
  • Hexagrammidae, the greenlings, is a family of marine ray-finned fishes belonging to the suborder Cottoidei in the order Scorpaeniformes. These fishes are found in the North Pacific Ocean.

  • "Rhamphocottus" is a genus of marine ray-finned fishes belonging to the family Rhamphocottidae. These fishes are known as grunt sculpins. The grunt sculpins are found in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • Male cartilaginous fishes (sharks and rays), as well as the males of some live-bearing ray finned fishes, have fins that have been modified to function as intromittent organs, reproductive appendages which allow internal fertilization.
  • Carroll 1988) recognises teleost fishes as a Division Teleostei within Class Actinopterygii (the ray-finned fishes).
  • The ancestors of the ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii) evolved their fins in a different direction.
  • They follow the oldest known living lineage of Sarcopterygii (lobe-finned fish and tetrapods), which means they are more closely related to lungfish and tetrapods (amphibians, reptiles and mammals) than to the common ray-finned fishes and cartilaginous fishes.

  • The Anostomidae are a family of ray-finned fishes that belong to the order Characiformes.
  • are a small order of marine ray-finned fishes most notable for the dories, a group of common food fish.
  • The Stephanoberyciformes are an order of marine ray-finned fishes, consisting of about 68 species, the majority (61) of which belong to the ridgehead family (Melamphaidae).
  • are an order of ray-finned fishes consisting of two families of deep-sea marine fish, most notably the highly abundant lanternfishes (Myctophidae).
  • "Coryphaena" is a genus of marine ray-finned fishes known as the dolphinfishes, and is currently the only known genus in the family Coryphaenidae.

  • "Acrossocheilus" is a genus of ray-finned fishes in the family Cyprinidae, native to freshwater in China, Taiwan, Laos, and Vietnam. They are fairly small, no more than [...] in standard length.
  • The Notacanthiformes [...] are an order of deep-sea ray-finned fishes, consisting of the families Halosauridae and Notacanthidae (spiny eels).
  • Bichirs [...] and the reedfish comprise Polypteridae [...] , a family of archaic ray-finned fishes and the only family in the order Polypteriformes [...].
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