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roundoff [gymnastics]
Rondat {m} [Bodenturnen]
roundoff errorAbrundungs­fehler {m}
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Übersetzung für 'roundoff' von Englisch nach Deutsch

roundoff [gymnastics]
Rondat {m} [Bodenturnen]sports

roundoff error
Abrundungs­fehler {m}
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  • In gymnastics, some coaches describe a Barani as a roundoff without hands or, mostly on beam, a front somersault with a half twist.
  • That is to say, the roundoff error introduced by this final roundoff makes a negligible contribution to the overall uncertainty.
  • After the roundoff, the gymnast leaves the springboard and is propelled upwards.
  • The IEEE standard does not define the terms "machine epsilon" and "unit roundoff", so differing definitions of these terms are in use, which can cause some confusion.
  • The handling of roundoff errors increases the code complexity and execution time of AA operations.
  • At the 1979 European Championships, she performed one of the first triple twists on floor, and her opening tumbling pass on floor at the 1980 Olympic Games was a roundoff 1.5-twisting layout immediately into a roundoff back handspring double pike.
  • Intervals are central to interval arithmetic, a general numerical computing technique that automatically provides guaranteed enclosures for arbitrary formulas, even in the presence of uncertainties, mathematical approximations, and arithmetic roundoff.
  • In implementations which use number formats that cannot represent all rational numbers exactly (for example, floating point), a stopping constant less than one should be used to protect against roundoff errors.
  • The condition number is introduced as a measure of the roundoff errors that can result when solving ill-conditioned problems.
  • for random inputs (the roundoff errors form a random walk).
  • ... 0): Popa + tuck jump 2/1; roundoff + back handspring + 2½ twist + front 1/1; double turn with leg above horizontal + wolf jump 1/1; switch ring leap + Gogean; triple full; front double twist + front layout.
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