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S-Commerce {m}
silent commerce <s-commerce, S-commerce>
stiller Handel {m}
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Übersetzung für 's commerce' von Englisch nach Deutsch

S-Commerce {m}comm.Internet
silent commerce <s-commerce, S-commerce>
stiller Handel {m}comm.Internet
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  • On November of that year, Puerto Rico's Commerce and Foment Joint selected him to work as a professor in a Nautical School, where he taught Maritime Studies.
  • Most of the state's commerce is related to agriculture and mining.
  • The conquest of the surrounding area also cut off Tlaxcala's commerce.
  • S. commerce on this station, she turned north for home.
  • Tourism is the most important sector of the state's commerce. Tourism in Guerrero is important to the overall Mexican economy as well. It is the main source of the state's economic development.
  • Norrmalm's commerce precinct contains about twenty shops along Gustavus Adolphusgatan.
  • The village's commerce is divided into two centers that lie one mile apart along Main Street and at differing elevations.
  • It is considered the Mesabi Range's commerce center.
  • Much of Linwood's commerce came from the saw mills on the river, so the city had grown very near the banks of the Kansas River (affectionately known as the “Kaw” River) that flows eastward to the Missouri.
  • Middletown's commerce has grown accordingly. National retail and food chain stores have opened locations in the area, with significant growth along the U.S.
  • Peetz's commerce mainly is focused on farming. In the town of Peetz, there is one restaurant/bar, the Hot Spot, a grain elevator and service station (Peetz Co-op), a telephone and internet provider (Peetz Telephone Company), and a laundromat.
  • In the book, Stevenson's descriptive writing style documented his ventures in the area and profiled several of the early pioneers who played a role in shaping the region's commerce and society.
  • The golden age of Valparaíso's commerce ended after the opening of the Panama Canal (1914).
  • ... S. Commerce Department official in the Clinton Administration), wrote about cultural imperialism in his provocatively titled "In Praise of Cultural Imperialism?
  • As the city's commerce improved, residents worked to restore or create community institutions.
  • The archipelago's commerce gradually fell into the hands of traders from the Indian subcontinent, whom Said bin Sultan encouraged to settle on the islands.
  • Judicial rulings against attempted use of Congress's Commerce Clause powers continued during the 1930s.
  • S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said would allow the countries to kill the deal if it was not working.
  • In 1793, businessmen supported construction of the Dismal Swamp Canal; it was integral to the success of Elizabeth City's commerce.
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