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Morison's pouch
Morison-Grube {f}
Morison's pouch
Morison-Tasche {f}
Morison's pouch [Recessus hepatorenalis recessus subhepatici]
Morison-Pouch {m}
Prussak's pouch
Prussak-Tasche {f}
Prussak's pouch
obere Trommelfellbucht {f}
Rathke's pouch [also Rathke pouch]
Rathke-Tasche {f}
s-pouch [after Parks]
S-Pouch {m} [nach Parks]
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  • A joey will nuzzle its mother's pouch if it wants access to it.
  • The female bilby's pouch faces backwards, which prevents the pouch from getting filled with dirt while she is digging.
  • This protein is responsible for the development of the initial invagination of the Rathke's pouch.
  • They leave their mother's pouch at 120–130 days.
  • The anterior pituitary arises from an invagination of the oral ectoderm (Rathke's pouch). This contrasts with the posterior pituitary, which originates from neuroectoderm.
  • The cysts are the remainder of Rathke’s pouch. As technically part of the anterior pituitary, it separates the posterior pituitary and pars distalis.
  • If a person's pouch body is troubled, then an experienced pouch surgeon may be able to make a second pouch if the person's previous surgeries retained enough ileum to still safely create a second pouch.
  • Once delivered through the median vagina or central birth canal, newborn opossums climb up into the female opossum's pouch and latch onto one of her 13 teats.
  • Note: The anterior pituitary develops from the ectodermal tissue of Rathke's pouch.
  • The survivors fuse to the teats and suckle milk in their mother's pouch for 6–8 weeks.
  • Young remain in their mother's pouch for six months and continue to be weaned for another three months.
  • The female lays two to three large white eggs and later the chicks feed by plunging their heads deep into the adult's pouch and taking the partially digested regurgitated fish.
  • The anterior pituitary is derived from the ectoderm, more specifically from that of Rathke’s pouch, part of the developing hard palate in the embryo. Rathke’s pouch is also ectodermal in origin.
  • Together, these cellular signals stimulate a group of cells from the oral cavity to form Rathke's pouch, which becomes independent of the nasal cavity and develops into the anterior pituitary; this process includes the suppression of production of a protein called Sonic hedgehog by the cells of Rathke's pouch.
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