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NOUN   Sabbath-day | Sabbath-days
sabbath day [Christian use]
Feiertag {m} [veraltet] [Sonntag]
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Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. [the fourth commandment, King James Version]
Du sollst den Feiertag heiligen. [das dritte Gebot nach Luther]
Sabbat {m}
Sabbath candleholder
Sabbatleuchter {m}
Sabbatbruch {m}
Sabbath customs
Sabbatbräuche {pl}
cosmic sabbath
Weltensabbat {m}
Sabbath soul
Sabbatseele {f}
Sabbath paradoxSabbatparadox {n}
Sabbath commandment
Sabbatgebot {n}
Sabbath casuistry
Sabbatkasuistik {f}
to break the Sabbath
den Sabbat entheiligen
to keep the Sabbath
den Sabbat heiligen
sabbath / Sabbath rest
Sabbatruhe {f}
observance of the Sabbath
Heilighaltung {f} des Sonntags [für Christen]
desecration of the Sabbath
Sabbatschändung {f}
breaking of the Sabbath
Sabbatschändung {f}
desecrator of the Sabbath
Sabbatschänder {m}
observing (of) the Sabbath
Heilighaltung {f} des Sonntags [für Christen]
Sabbath's Theater [Philip Roth]
Sabbaths Theater
Sabbath breaker [also: Sabbath-breaker]
Sabbatschänder {m}
On the evening of that very same Sabbath
Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats [J. S. Bach, BWV 42]
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  • The Great Sanhedrin convened every day except festivals and the sabbath day (Shabbat).
  • The trouble started when Colquhoun did not want trippers on the sabbath day.
  • In July about 150 were taken as POWs while another 50 died during the Battle of Sabbath Day Point on the northern part of Lake George.
  • In particular, Cilliers lead the Voortrekkers in a vow which promised that if God would protect them and deliver the enemy into their hands, they would build a church and commemorate the day of their victory as if it were an annual Sabbath day, which their descendants would also be instructed to honour.
  • , Nehemiah told how he saw some treading wine presses on the Sabbath, and others bringing all manner of burdens into Jerusalem on the Sabbath day, so when it began to be dark before the Sabbath, he commanded that the city gates be shut and not opened till after the Sabbath and directed the Levites to keep the gates to sanctify the Sabbath.

  • He did not make much of an impression from the pulpit and with the exception of his "A Discourse on the Holiness of the Sabbath Day", printed in 1704, his preaching in New England had little impact.
  • Many of the church's more distinctive practices follow from their adherence to the Word of Wisdom – which includes abstinence from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, and tea – and their observance of Sabbath-day restrictions on recreation and shopping.
  • From the common wording (in the Hebrew original), and the juxtaposition of subject matter, the rabbis of the Mishnah derive a basis, as well as a listing, as to which activities are prohibited on the Sabbath day.
  • It was likely on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho and the limit of a Sabbath-day's journey from Jerusalem, i.e., 2000 cubits.
  • Cawte quotes further accounts describing complaints to the local magistrates about disruptive morris dancers in Longdon, Worcestershire, disrupting the Sabbath day from 1614 to 1617 and another account of dancers in Much Wenlock in 1652, causing a disturbance in an ale house at Nordley.

  • The sacrament is considered the most sacred and important element of normal Sabbath day observance and as such is approached by Latter-day Saints with reverence and in a spirit of penitence.
  • The Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement is a small offshoot with an unknown number of members from the Seventh-day Adventist Church caused by disagreement over military service on the Sabbath day during World War I.
  • MacKenna produced several memorable radio series, including work on the Amish people of Pennsylvania; the Shaker Community of Sabbath Day Lake; a ground-breaking series called "Someone Has To Do It" and the highly regarded "Secret Gardens of the Heart", which followed a young woman through the last months of her life.
  • A Baraita read the words "You shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the Sabbath day" in [...] to teach that only on the Sabbath is kindling fire prohibited, and one may kindle fire on a Festival day, including for purposes other than food preparation.
  • Some Jews sing of the Sabbath's holiness, reflecting [...] , as part of the "Baruch El Elyon" song (...) sung in connection with the Sabbath day meal.

  • The "Kiddusha Rabba" blessing for the Sabbath day meal quotes [...] (Exodus 20:8–11 in NJPS) immediately before the blessing on wine.
  • Some Jews recite the words "we will do, and we will obey" in [...] as part of the song ("zemer") Yom Shabbaton sung at the Sabbath day meal.
  • Verse 1, line 3: " 'Safeguard' and 'Remember' in one utterance": The Ten Commandments appears twice in the Torah, in Exodus 20:8 it reads "Remember ("zakhor") the Sabbath Day" and in Deuteronomy 5:12 it reads "Safeguard ("shamor") the Sabbath Day"; the folkloric explanation for the difference is that, supernaturally, both words were spoken by God simultaneously.
  • For example, the twilight of Friday is reckoned as Sabbath eve, and that of Saturday as Sabbath day; and the same rule applies to festival days.
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