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SYNO sabbatical | sabbatical leave
sabbatical leaveLangzeiturlaub {m}
sabbaticalSabbatjahr {n}
sabbaticalSabbatical {n}
sabbaticalStudienurlaub {m}
sabbatical termForschungs­semester {n}
sabbatical yeardienstfreies Jahr {n}
sabbatical yearForschungs­jahr {n}
sabbatical yearUrlaubsjahr {n}
summer sabbatical
Sommersabbatical {n}
sabbatical yearSabbatjahr {n}
research sabbatical [of one semester]
Forschungs­freisemester {n}
leaveUrlaub {m}
to leaveübrig lassen
leaveCongé {m} [veraltet] [Urlaub]
to leaveabgehen
Leave!Gehen Sie! [formelle Anrede]
forced leaveZwangsbeurlaubung {f}
to leave schoolmit der Schule fertig sein
to ask leaveum Erlaubnis bitten
pregnancy leaveSchwangerschaftsurlaub {m} [ugs.]
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  • She was elected as chairwoman of the Centre Party of Finland from 18 June 2000 to 5 October 2003, although the first year was as acting leader during Esko Aho's sabbatical leave to lecture at Harvard University.
  • During a sabbatical leave in 1977, he served as director of research for the United Farm Workers Union at union headquarters in Keene, California.
  • He took sabbatical leave from 1993 to 1994 to be a senior fellow at the National University of Singapore.
  • That can be distinguished from traditional benefit structures, which permit employees to access a benefit, such a retirement pension or sabbatical leave, after they have achieved certain time-in-position levels.
  • At the university, Brooks established a permanent faculty salary, sabbatical leave, and permanent tenure.

  • There is also a similar system of sabbatical leave in Finland.
  • In 1970, Kalmus spent a year of sabbatical leave at CERN and there joined the Fidecaro group who were working on a pi+ proton scattering experiment on a polarised proton target using an electronic detector.
  • Willson at IBM during a sabbatical leave, he invented chemically amplified photoresists for micro and nanofabrication.
  • In December 2003, Syndicate Bank announced sabbatical leave scheme with partial pay to reduce its employee overhead.
  • He subsequently retired from active politics, initially in the form of a "sabbatical leave" of one year, during which he lead a study group on the EU in the 2000 fall semester at Harvard University (where he was a resident fellow at the Institute of Politics).

  • In the academic year 1952–53 Queens granted him sabbatical leave, which he spent studying at the Catholic Institute of Paris where he received a licentiate in philosophy.
  • In 2014, after Francis Schmidt, a tenured professor, filed a grievance over denial of sabbatical leave, claiming that a photo he posted to social media of his seven-year-old-daughter wearing a t-shirt quoting "Game of Thrones" character Daenerys Targaryen could be construed as a threat of violence against college officials.
  • In January 2022, he announced a sabbatical leave to write a book. In his absence friend of the show Aaron Maté will fill in for him.
  • He had a one-year post-presidential sabbatical leave following his resignation as president of Penn State in November 2011.
  • During the winter semester of 1968–69 Adorno was on sabbatical leave from the university and thus able to dedicate himself to the completion of his book of aesthetics.

  • In 1976, he took sabbatical leave from the Collège de France, and lectured at Harvard University and MIT. At Harvard, he was a Loeb Lecturer for two weeks, and at MIT, he was a visiting professor.
  • The college also hosts visiting academics, generally on sabbatical leave, who are given the title of "Senior Residents".
  • He took a sabbatical leave for two years without pay, and decided to accept IF Farben's offer in 1929.
  • Stuhlinger followed this by a visit with Van Allen at his home in Princeton, New Jersey, where Van Allen was on sabbatical leave from University of Iowa to work on stellarator design.
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