Übersetzung für 'sandboxes' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a sandbox | sandboxes
VERB   to sandbox | sandboxed | sandboxed
sandboxing | sandboxes
sandboxesSandkästen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'sandboxes' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Sandkästen {pl}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Turbo claims that running these applications in virtual sandboxes is faster, safer, and more portable than installing them locally.
  • Web-based programs that try to access files or computer registries are stopped from leaving what are commonly referred to as online "sandboxes" created by GreenBorder.
  • This is usually achieved through the use of firewalls and virtual machine sandboxes.
  • By further analogy, the term "sandbox" can also be applied in computing and networking to other temporary or indefinite isolation areas, such as security sandboxes and search engine sandboxes (both of which have highly specific meanings), that prevent incoming data from affecting a "live" system (or aspects thereof) unless/until defined requirements or criteria have been met.
  • As new data are collected, Shadowserver analyzes them using thousands of virtual sandboxes and hundreds of iron sandboxes.

  • Sandboxes on DevNet provide a free space where people can try out their code in a network environment. Depending on the product, some sandboxes are virtual while others utilize lab equipment.
  • Each locomotive has a 6000-litre fuel capacity, carries 420 kg of lubricants, 800 litres of water and 400 kg of sand in its sandboxes.
  • On this locomotive, the sandboxes were located around the bases of the chimneys.
  • The mechanism follows the idea of sandboxes: after viewing the document or application, then the whole Disposable VM will be destroyed.
  • Beach volleyball pitch is located in twice sandboxes (1+4), it have full dimensions, which enabled not only training, but also prowadzenie conducting games of the highest rank with Polish Championship inclusive.

  • Unlike the Class MB on which the sandboxes were placed on top of the boiler in accordance with American practice, the sandboxes of the Class MC were arranged on a different system, the advantages of which were questionable.
  • The locomotives had a "Schleifer" compressed air brake. The sandboxes were in front of the first driving axle and sanded the wheels from in front.
  • Isolation of processes can also be accomplished by mechanisms like virtualization; the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project, for example, sandboxes individual applications in lightweight Vserver.
  • The DD35s were initially quite unreliable; some of this was blamed on sand from the internal sandboxes getting in electrical gear, so new sandboxes were fitted on the walkways in 1969.
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