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NOUN   saz | sazes
Saz {f}
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Übersetzung für 'saz' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Saz {f}mus.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Along with the "saz semai" (called "sama'i" in Arabic), it was introduced into Arabic music in the 19th century, and became particularly popular in Egypt.
  • This was soon accompanied with harmonica, guitar, and piano, as well as traditional stringed instruments such as oud, mandola and saz.
  • In more recent times, saz orchestras, accompanied with many other traditional instruments and a merger with arabesque melodies have kept modern folk songs popular in Turkey.
  • It is related to the Turkish saz and tamburitza orchestra instruments.
  • The following subsections provide more details about saz and söz.

  • Buzuk and other saz instruments date back to ancient times and originated in Persia.
  • The widespread use of the oud led to many variations on the instrument, including the saz, a Turkish long-necked lute that remains very popular in Turkey.
  • The "šargija" usually accompanies the violin, and has a jangling quality, similar to the Turkish "saz". Musician's play with "complex polyphonic techniques".
  • Instruments used in Barak traditional music include saz, zurna, davul, and zambır.
  • Veli Can (Persian form: Vali Jan) (fl. c. 1580 to c. 1600) was an Ottoman painter known for his works in saz style.

  • Brad Shepik, also known as Brad Schoeppach (born February 13, 1966, Walla Walla, Washington) is an American jazz guitarist. He also plays the saz and tambura.
  • In 2014 he produced and released an album "The Art of Saz" by Ćamil Metiljević, sevdah master of older generation.
  • Pachora includes Black, Speed, Sverrisson, and Brad Shepik on tambura and electric saz. This band plays music that is rhythmically diverse and inspired by Balkan rhythms.
  • Saz style (Turk. "saz yolu") is a style of vegetal ornament and associated with it art style in the 16th-century Ottoman Empire.
  • Musicians play traditional instruments: long-necked lute (saz or Bağlama), byzantine lyra (rebec), drums, and flutes.

  • The album incorporates traditional instruments such as saz, bouzouki, oud, cümbüş, and others.
  • Taner Akyol (born 1977) is a Turkish saz or bağlama player and classical composer.
  • Şahkulu ([...]; [...] Shāhqulī-i Baghdādī; died 1556) was an Ottoman painter who played a leading role in a formation of the saz style.
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