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sb./sth. createsjd./etw. erzeugt
sb./sth. createsjd./etw. schafft
sb. createsjd. erschafft
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Übersetzung für 'sb creates' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb./sth. creates
jd./etw. erzeugt

jd./etw. schafft
sb. creates
jd. erschafft
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The naturist village creates employment and revenue in a region of France less affluent than others. It creates income for the local authority through property taxes and admission prices.
  • 3077 creates a $500 per child tax credit for medical expenses and prescription drugs that are not reimbursed by insurance.
  • The example creates first an interface against which the pattern creates the classes.
  • Kathy Vargas (born June 23, 1950) is an American artist who creates collages and photographs. She often devotes several works to a particular theme and creates her art in series.
  • Cirque Éloize creates shows destined for indoor tours and sometimes for the big top. At other times, it creates custom shows for Dalhousie Station, or for client chosen venues.
  • A forcing bid that creates no further obligation is called "forcing for one round".
  • Bizi: Bizi creates ladybirds using paint and her fingertips. Later on, Lizi also creates a boy with balloons.
  • "Music creates atmosphere. Atmosphere creates environment.
  • The company creates and provides programs for television and radio stations as well as creates online content and live entertainment events for corporate businesses and media outlets.
  • "It is as true to say that God creates the World, as that the World creates God...
  • In the book, Ghodsee argues that socialism creates a fairer and better society for women.
  • A phenomenon known as foehn wind suppresses cooling, which creates less snowfall in the surrounding area. This also creates a strong wind chill due to the strength of the winds.
  • Her work creates complex patterns by combining African art images with geometry. She also creates ink drawings.
  • Parsons creates the “S-Bomb”, the device which creates the manifs when stolen and detonated in Paris.
  • She creates uniqueness as and in a compressed essence of the products which are additionally infused by an elegant sensitivity that creates highly aesthetic expressions in function, form and material.
  • The slow and grinding movement of continental ice sheets and alpine glaciers across the landscape creates erosional landforms.
  • Players can choose to learn one of the four crafting skills: Blacksmithing (creates weapons), armor crafting (creates armor and boots), leather crafting (creates helmets and gauntlets), and Jewel crafting (creates necklaces and rings).
  • is also a word meaning 'creates', and [...] translates to 'Home Creates'.
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