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sb. fencesjd. ficht
sb. fencesjd. zäunt ein
sb. fences injd. umzäunt
until sb. fencesbis jd. einzäunt
to mend fences (with sb.) [idiom]sichAkk. (wieder) (mit jdm.) versöhnen
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  • In other areas, fences were constructed of timber. Log fences or split-rail fences were simple fences constructed in newly cleared areas by stacking log rails.
  • The most well known exclusion fences in Australia are the barrier fences.
  • The Quarantine Station study area landscape includes a variety of fences and walls which are integral to the history and past functioning of the place.
  • Early fences were built more naturally, rather than the brightly colored poles that are today's standard.
  • Parts of the course were widened in 2009 to allow runners to bypass fences if required.
  • In high soil-fertility areas where dairy cattle are used in great numbers, 5- or 7-wire fences are common as the main boundary and internal dividing fences.
  • In 1975 Bill Davies replaced the spruce fences of the Mildmay course with standard birch fences.
  • Alternatively, these structures are also referred to as fences, catch fences, rock mesh, net fences....
  • Baubek announced the City Without Fences program, in which 150 km of fences were dismantled. Many organizations planted bushes and trees as a replacement.
  • There is some potential for earlier fences or remnants of fences to remain along original/early boundaries.
  • Furthermore, there are fences around the Pasvik River hydroelectric stations, of which some are located on the border.
  • Fences defines translucent areas on the desktop that contain groups of icons.
  • Several authors have also investigated the number of order-preserving maps from fences to themselves, or to fences of other sizes.
  • As a result, the enclave is surrounded by double fences that are [...] high, and hundreds of migrants congregate near the fences waiting for a chance to cross them.
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