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sb. quitjd. gab auf
until sb. quitbis jd. aufgab
to quit one's friendship with sb.jdm. die Freundschaft aufkündigen [geh.]
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  • Stan's new "Guitar Hero" partner, Thad, saying "I quit! I quit, I quit, I quit!" is a reference to the film "That Thing You Do!".
  • He quit racing because his mother wanted him to quit.
  • Coyne, who has also managed the Welsh semi-professional squad, quit Cwmbran in October 2005 following the cash crisis and was swiftly appointed manager at Aberystwyth Town when David Burrows decided to quit.
  • After planning to quit earlier in the year to coincide with her planned marriage and the unsuccessful membership of Carolyne Argyle, Dee Dee finally quit in October 1975.
  • In February 2002, One Nation quit the coalition and the National Union–Yisrael Beiteinu quit in March.
  • Gopal was urged by friends to quit smoking and drinking in the interests of his health. He quit drinking a few months before he died but was unable to quit cigarettes.
  • Gregson announced in November 2022 that he had quit smoking four months earlier and had quit alcohol before that as well.
  • In the United States, about 70% of smokers would like to quit smoking, and 50% report having made an attempt to do so in the past year.
  • Some governments have now abolished the quit rent system and relieved those with a nominal quit rent obligation from the requirement to pay it, replacing quit rents with a uniform system of land tax.
  • This season featured the first time two designers quit during the same season. Andrea Katz and Kooan Kosuke both quit during the filming of Episode 3 due to personal reasons.
  • Ricardo quit the game for good at the end of the campaign, stating "I don't quit football, football quits me".
  • Manasvi Vashist replaced Mahajani as Aditya but he also quit the show after few months only.
  • "Quit Facebook Day" was an online event which took place on May 31, 2010 (coinciding with Memorial Day), in which Facebook users stated that they would quit the social network due to privacy concerns.
  • In December 2021, Shehzada Dhami quit the show and Vineet Raina replaces him. In February 2022, Raina too quit and was replaced by Hitanshu Jinsi.
  • Carlson quit drinking alcohol in 2002. A few years earlier he quit smoking cigarettes (a habit dating to eighth grade) and took up nicotine gum, which he "chews constantly", and nicotine pouches.
  • Unglert returned for the sixth season of "Bachelor in Paradise". He quit during week 3 but returned in week 5. He quit, once again, that same week to pursue a relationship with Caelynn Miller-Keyes.
  • He quit TDP in 2018 and joined Jana Sena Party. In June 2019 he quit JSP in order to join Bharatiya Janata Party.
  • After Amar Upadhyay quit in 2001, after the death of his character, nationwide protests made him return.
  • In May 2013, he quit Maxis to head Reliance Jio Infocomm, Mukesh Ambani's 4G venture.
  • 6% had quit smoking. Of the people who quit smoking over the past twelve months 41.1% had made an attempt to quit and 17.9% actually proved successful in quitting.
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