Übersetzung für 'sceptres' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a sceptre | sceptres
VERB   to sceptre | sceptred | sceptred
sceptring | sceptres
sceptres [Br.]Zepter {pl}
sceptres [Br.]Szepter {pl} [österr.] [alt]
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Übersetzung für 'sceptres' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sceptres [Br.]
Zepter {pl}

Szepter {pl} [österr.] [alt]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Asprey has supplied crowns, coronets, and sceptres for royal families around the world.
  • In July 1593 the Parliament of Scotland authorised the minting of a four penny plack with two sceptres crossed and a thistle. This "saltire plack" was the last coin minted in billon alloy.
  • "Was" sceptres were used as symbols of power or dominion, and were associated with ancient Egyptian deities such as Set or Anubis as well as with the pharaoh.
  • Ada and Eben are sceptres which represent symbols of authority in the ancient Benin Kingdom.
  • "Axiom" is a game in which two players move pieces (called sceptres) into a positional relationship with one of the pieces of their opponent.

  • On the seals of Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor, and Rudolph III of Burgundy, the rulers are holding identically shaped sceptres.
  • "Paranomus" is a genus of 18 species of flowering plants, commonly known as "sceptres", in the protea family. It is endemic to the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa.
  • Among the Etruscans, sceptres of great magnificence were used by kings and upper orders of the priesthood.
  • Was-sceptres represent the Set-animal or Khnum. Was-sceptres were carried by gods, pharaohs and priests as a symbol of power and, in later use, control over the force of chaos (Set).
  • Long versions of wands are often styled in forms of staves or sceptres, which could have large ornamentation on the top.

  • The obverse shows two sceptres through a crown, and the legend IACO DG MAG BRIT—"James, by the grace of God, of Great Britain"—while the reverse shows a crowned harp and the continuing inscription FRA ET HIB REX—"France and Ireland, King".
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