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NOUN   a seeing-eye dog | seeing-eye dogs
seeing-eye dogBlindenhund {m}
seeing-eye dog [Am.]Leithund {m} [Blindenhund]
all-seeing eye (of God)
Allsehendes Auge {n}
dog's eye
Hundeauge {n}
seeing {adj}erblickend
seeingSehen {n}
seeing {adj} {pres-p}sehend
all-seeing {adj} {pres-p}alles sehend
seeing throughdurchschauend
all-seeing {adj} {pres-p}allsehend
seeing floaters
Mückensehen {n} [Mouches volantes]
dog / dog's fennel [Anthemis cotula, syn.: A. foetida]
(Stinkende) Hundskamille {f}
sight worth seeingSehenswürdigkeit {f}
worth seeing {adj} [postpos.]sehenswert
power of seeingSehvermögen {n}
way of seeingSichtweise {f} [auch fig.]
things­ worth seeingsehenswerte Dinge {pl}
worth seeing {adj} [postpos.]sehenswürdig
faculty of seeingSehvermögen {n}
to go sight-seeingsichDat. die Sehenswürdigkeiten anschauen
way of seeingSehweise {f}
to be far-seeingklug und vorausschauend sein
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Sometime later the creature attacks a blind man named Joe Shempter in his closet after it killed his seeing-eye dog and hung it on the closet door.
  • Sullivan and White co-wrote a book, "Leading Lady", about Sullivan's first seeing eye dog, who lived with White after being retired.
  • "K-9 Kitty": Furrball is taken into the house of a couple with poor vision after they mistake him for a seeing-eye dog.
  • who pioneered the field of veterinary clinical nutrition when asked to create a specialized diet for the original seeing-eye dog, Buddy, a female German Shepherd with kidney disease.
  • Humphrey was hired to breed German shepherds at a centre in Switzerland that had been set up by Dorothy Harrison Eustis of Philadelphia and began the work that led to the Seeing-Eye Dog program.

  • For example, a seeing eye dog will be trained to achieve a different goal than a wild animal in a circus.
  • It won the same award again in 2008 for a story on a man and his seeing-eye dog trying to adapt to a harsh New Brunswick winter.
  • Longstreet's seeing eye dog was a white German Shepherd called Pax.
  • person with a seeing eye dog and training or could be used to reverse the effects of 2,000 cases of trachoma in Africa through surgery.
  • Out on the streets he meets Pace, a Labrador Retriever and seeing-eye dog with an overwhelming sense of sarcasm.

  • In the course of their search for stars, the trio have a number of brief misadventures, including a mix-up between a seeing-eye dog and an untrained look-alike, several (mostly unsuccessful) efforts by Eggs to seduce various women, and a soft-drink dispensing machine that launches cans like grenades.
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