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separate fromabgesehen von
to separate (from)herauslösen (aus)
to separate (from)heraustrennen (aus)
to separate fromabsondern
to separate fromabtrennen
to separate fromtrennen von
to separate fromabteilen von
to separate fromausgliedern aus
to separate from sb.von jdm. trennen
to separate sth. from sth.etw. aus etw. heraustrennen
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to separate off sth. from sth.etw. von etw.Dat. abtrennen [Teil eines Raums]
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separate from credit risks {adj} [postpos.]getrennt vom Kreditrisiko
separate from market risks {adj} [postpos.]getrennt vom Marktrisiko
separate from operative risks {adj} [postpos.]getrennt vom operativen Risiko
separate from other contracts {adj} [postpos.]von anderen Verträgen getrennt
separate from other contracts {adj} [postpos.]getrennt von anderen Verträgen [nachgestellt]
separate from the service {adj} [postpos.]getrennt von der Dienstleistung
separate from trading activities {adj} [postpos.]getrennt von den Handelsaktivitäten
to separate cream from milk
Milch und Sahne trennen
to separate fact from fable
Dichtung von Wahrheit unterscheiden
to separate from a groupaus einer Gruppe ausscheiden
to separate from a partnershipaus einer Partnerschaft ausscheiden
to separate from the mainlandvom Festland trennen
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to separate egg yolks (from egg whites)
Eier trennen
to separate the sheep from the goats
die Schafe von den Böcken trennen
to separate the wheat from the chaff [also fig.]die Spreu vom Weizen trennen [auch fig.] [geh.]
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  • At first, his directing career was kept separate from his writing career.
  • For example, Nottingham is administered by a unitary authority separate from the rest of Nottinghamshire.
  • During and after the rise of colonialism the Western powers perceived the East as the "other", being different and separate from their societal norm.
  • In most countries, however, civil defense is a government-managed, volunteer-staffed organization, separate from the fire brigade and the ambulance service.
  • Though dominated by the foreign colonizers, colonies remain separate from the administration of the original country of the colonizers, the "metropolitan state" (or "mother country").
  • Usually doctrinal conformity is held as a first consideration when a church makes a decision to grant or decline financial contributions to such agencies, which are legally external and separate from the congregations they serve.
  • The search for a definitive Islamic philosophy separate from Occasionalism can be seen in what is left of his work.
  • Chloroplasts, like other types of plastid, contain a genome separate from that in the cell nucleus.
  • The networks in each state developed from mainline railways and have never been completely operationally separate from long distance and freight traffic, unlike metro systems.
  • Despite the series being considered separate from the main "Amazing Spider-Man" series, the original 5 issue run is counted towards its legacy numbering acting as No.
  • Boroughs and cities were collectively known as municipalities, and were enclaves separate from their surrounding counties.
  • In 1969 the GPO, a government department, became the Post Office, a nationalised industry separate from government. Post Office Telecommunications was one of the divisions.
  • During the 1920s, Egypt's religious Tribunal recognized the Baha'i Faith as a new, independent religion, totally separate from Islam, due to the nature of the 'laws, principles and beliefs' of the Baha'is.
  • Cycle paths (separate from the roadways) exist on the highway bridges, along the riverfront, on the university campuses, and incidentally elsewhere in the city.
  • The Anglican Church of Bermuda, an Anglican Communion diocese separate from the Church of England, operates the oldest non-Catholic parish in the New World, St.
  • This is the only case where asexual reproduction results in a new colony separate from its predecessor.
  • Public primary and secondary education in Alameda is the responsibility of the Alameda Unified School District, which is legally separate from the City of Alameda government (as is common throughout California).
  • This setting is usually chosen by a jumper setting on the drive called "cable select", usually marked "CS", which is separate from the "Device 0/1" setting.
  • In Sweden, there is a system of administrative courts that considers only administrative law cases, and is completely separate from the system of general courts.
  • The Division of Research & Graduate Studies is separate from the faculties and oversees graduate students as well as Acadia's research programs.
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