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NOUN   the set of real numbers | -
set of real numbers <ℝ, R>
Menge {f} der reellen Zahlen <ℝ, R>
real numbers
reelle Zahlen {pl}
set of natural numbers <ℕ, N>
Menge {f} der natürlichen Zahlen <ℕ, N>
set of complex numbers <ℂ, C>
Menge {f} der komplexen Zahlen <ℂ, C>
set of rational numbers <ℚ, Q>
Menge {f} der rationalen Zahlen <ℚ, Q>
set of irrational numbers <ℝ\ℚ, R\Q>
Menge {f} der irrationalen Zahlen <ℝ\ℚ, R\Q>
numbers of spectatorsZuschauerzahlen {pl}
series of numbersZahlenreihe {f}
range of numbersNummernbereich {m}
row of numbersZiffernfolge {f}
sets of numbers
Zahlenmengen {pl}
mass of numbersMasse {f} an Zahlen
range of numbersZahlenraum {m}
column of numbersZahlenkolonne {f}
numbers of communicants
Kommunikantenzahlen {pl}
combination of numbersZahlenkombination {f}
statement of numbersAufzählung {f}
geometry of numbers
Geometrie {f} der Zahlen
range of numbersNummernkreis {m}
theory of numbers
Theorie {f} der Zahlen
numbers of refugeesFlüchtlings­zahlen {pl}
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  • Area can be defined through the use of axioms, defining it as a function of a collection of certain plane figures to the set of real numbers. It can be proved that such a function exists.
  • A fundamental theorem due to Georg Cantor shows that it is possible for infinite sets to have different cardinalities, and in particular the cardinality of the set of real numbers is greater than the cardinality of the set of natural numbers.
  • Cantor gave two proofs that the cardinality of the set of integers is strictly smaller than that of the set of real numbers (see Cantor's first uncountability proof and Cantor's diagonal argument).
  • As an illustration, let R be the set of real numbers, let Z be the set of integers, let "O" be the set of odd integers, and let "P" be the set of current or former U.S. Presidents.
  • If we abbreviate by BP the claim that every set of real numbers has the property of Baire, then BP is stronger than ¬AC, which asserts the nonexistence of any choice function on perhaps only a single set of nonempty sets.

  • A function from the set of real numbers to the real numbers can be represented by a graph in the Cartesian plane; such a function is continuous if, roughly speaking, the graph is a single unbroken curve with no "holes" or "jumps".
  • Let [...] be a function defined on a subset [...] of the set [...] of real numbers.
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