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short pace
Schulschritt {m}
short fiscal year <short FY>
Rumpfjahr {n} [Rumpfgeschäftsjahr]
paceTempo {n}
paceStufe {f}
to paceschreiten
pace ... {prep}bei allem Respekt ... gegenüber
to paceauf und ab gehen
to pacedurchschreiten
to pacegehen
paceGeschwindigkeit {f}
short-haired German shepherd (dog) <short-haired GSD>
kurzstockhaariger Deutscher Schäferhund {m}
brisk paceflottes Tempo {n}
record paceRekordtempo {n}
smart pacemunterer Schritt {m}
fast paceSchnelllebigkeit {f}
to pace oneselfseinen Rhythmus finden / halten
to pace oneself
mit seinen Kräften haushalten
at pace {adv}zügig
brisk paceforscher Schritt {m}
to pace aboutherumtigern [ugs.]
Bremsläufer {m}
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  • He was repeatedly warned over his short-pitched bowling, but the Australians had no real answer to Snow's pace and fire.
  • He continued publishing novels, as well as short fiction, both under his primary pseudonym Lester del Rey as well as a number of other pen names, at a fast pace through the 1950s and the early sixties.
  • Beyond the short distances of sprinting events, factors such as an athlete's reactions and top speed becomes less important, while qualities such as pace, race tactics and endurance become more so.
  • Early in his Test career, when India rarely used pace bowlers, Gavaskar also opened the bowling for a short spell on occasions if only one pace bowler was playing, before a three-pronged spin attack took over.
  • However, what dramatically accelerated the pace of adoption of The Information Age, as compared to previous ones, was the speed by which knowledge could be transferred and pervaded the entire human family in a few short decades.

  • Meanwhile, Woodfull was being encouraged to retaliate to the short-pitched English attack, not least by members of his own side such as Vic Richardson, or to include pace bowlers such as Eddie Gilbert or Laurie Nash to match the aggression of the opposition.
  • Gradually, the speed should be increased until the student is obliged to exert himself to keep pace with the reader; and occasionally, short bursts of speed should be attempted as tests of the writer's progress.
  • 4 million short-term resident departures from Australia, an increase of 9.9% from 2009–10.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a short story about his celebrated sleuth Sherlock Holmes which features a fingerprint: "The Norwood Builder" is a 1903 short story set in 1894 and involves the discovery of a bloody fingerprint which helps Holmes to expose the real criminal and free his client.
  • FedEx's initiatives to be carbon-neutral by 2040 will allow them to reduce their negative contributions to climate change drastically, however they may fall short of this goal.

  • For a spin bowler, attacking positions include one or two slips, short leg or silly point.
  • Apart from driving, Chris Amon also ran his own Formula One team for a short period in 1974.
  • The terrier of this period was short of leg, built in a chunky fashion, and had a skull that was broad across the top.
  • Affirmed held a short lead entering the stretch and held it to defeat Alydar by a neck.
  • He made 31 first-class appearances in 1967 but greatly reduced his workload as a bowler, operating mainly in short spells.

  • The training is performed as short interval training, with typically 200 m, 300 m, or 400 m work outs, with full recovery intervals in between.
  • This ranges from short-term study abroad, volunteering (domestic and/or international), internships (domestic and/or international), learning a new language or attending internationally themed seminars and study tours.
  • "The Chicago Defender" reported the event by detailing important accomplishments of Black Swan in a short career span, including: pointed out—to the major, all white-owned, record companies—the significant market demand for black artists; prompted several major companies to begin publishing music by these performers.
  • These actions are complicated by the fact that only Ico can carry out these actions; Yorda can jump only short distances and cannot climb over tall barriers.
  • ... the carbon contained within the oceans and atmosphere, which can change on short timescales) underwent a −0.2 % to −0.3 % perturbation in [...] , and by considering the isotopic signatures of other carbon reserves, can consider what mass of the reserve would be necessary to produce this effect.

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