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NOUN   a sinter | sinters
VERB   to sinter | sintered | sintered
sintering | sinters
to sinter
sinter [deposit]
Sinter {m}
sinter [sintered material or product]
Sinterzeug {n} [Sintergut]
2 Wörter
Kalksinter {m}
siliceous sinter
Kieselsinter {m}
sinter bearing [sintered bearing]
Sinterlager {n}
sinter column [stalagnate]
Sintersäule {f} [Stalagnat]
sinter formation
Sinterformation {f}
sinter formation [forming of sinter]
Sinterbildung {f}
sinter plant
Sinteranlage {f}
3 Wörter
(lime) sinter terrace
Sinterterrasse {f}
11 Übersetzungen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The dome holds many different forms of sinter decoration like stalactites, stalagmites and sinter columns.
  • Sinter roasting involves heating the fine ores at high temperatures, where simultaneous oxidation and agglomeration of the ores take place.
  • Pole shoes made of sinter offer increased brake performance and do not form weldings, but their wear is higher.
  • Geyserite, or siliceous sinter, is a form of opaline silica that is often found as crusts or layers around hot springs and geysers.
  • East of Michelfeld-Wagrain there is on the slopes a small "wachsender Bach" ("growing stream") with sinter formations between a field track and a hedge.

  • Some 35 kilometers north of Lijiang is the Baishui Terrace (...), an area where spring water flows over a sinter terrace, leaving behind travertine.
  • Calcareous sinter is a freshwater calcium carbonate deposit, also known as calc-sinter.
  • Chom Ong Cave features especially impressive stalagmites and stalactites, as well as large sparkling sinter formations.
  • Research facilities such as universities and institutes take advantage of the short sinter cycles, which speeds the research process.
  • Mill scale generated in rolling mills will be collected and sent to a sinter plant for recycling.

  • The material produced by sintering is called "sinter". The word "sinter" comes from the Middle High German [...] , a cognate of English "cinder".
  • Grotto Geyser's cone is nearly [...] high. The odd shape comes from sinter accumulating over dead tree stumps as the geyser erupted.
  • These porous scaffolds are usually prepared by sintering glass particles that are already formed into the 3D geometry and allowing them to bond to the particles into a strong glass phase made up of a network of pores.
  • in the ignition zone and between 900 and 1000 °C in the soaking zone to prevent sudden quenching of the sintered layer.
  • Until 2007 COMILOG dumped the [...] fines, and used only the richer [...] fines to produce sinter.

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