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VERB   to sinter | sintered | sintered
sintering | sinters
sintered {adj} {past-p}
2 Wörter
sintered bearing
Sinterlager {n}
sintered bronze
Sinterbronze {f}
sintered diamondSinterdiamant {m}
sintered plastics
Sinterkunststoffe {pl}
sintered steel
Sinterstahl {m}
3 Wörter
sintered (powder) metal
Sintermetall {n}
sintered metal filter
Sintermetallfilter {m} [fachspr. meist {n}]
sintered metal part
Sintermetallteil {n}
sintered structural part
Sinterformteil {n}
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  • Pumps based on porous media can be created using sintered glass or microporous polymer membranes with appropriate surface chemistry.
  • Generally, there are three types of sintered metal-bonded diamond blades according to their manufacturing methods: wholly sintered diamond blades, silver brazed diamond blades and laser welded diamond blades.
  • Egyptian faience is a sintered-quartz ceramic material from Ancient Egypt.
  • Electromagnets are pre-sintered as well (pre-reaction), milled and pressed.
  • This method is only applicable to sintered alumina core porcelain.

  • Metal fiber sintered sheets are used for diesel and gasoline particulate filtration and crankcase ventilation filters.
  • Alumina cores without glass are produced by milling pre-sintered blocks of the material utilizing a CAD/CAM dentistry technique.
  • Feolite is a type of iron oxide sintered into building blocks, which are then used for heat storage.
  • The plants follow universal SEFPRO standards, with the sintered product plant's technology modelled directly on the Savoie Réfractaires sintered plant in France.
  • When sintered or applied using thermal spray methods, the tough outer layers chemically bond, forming a metal matrix in the sintered article or deposited coating, This hybrid material combines the high strength, heat resistance, and toughness of cemented carbides with the chemical and abrasion wear resistance of the harder core particles.

  • To help tame the auditorium's acoustics, RPG Reapor sintered glass tiles were applied over the existing tiles.
  • Hafnium diboride is another such material. It can be used alone or in a sintered mixture of hafnium and boron carbide powders.
  • Hexoloy is a registered trademark for a pressureless sintered form of alpha silicon carbide.
  • With the improved coupler, it also introduced its very realistic sintered metal trucks.
  • These first sintered tantalum capacitors used a liquid electrolyte. In 1952 Bell Labs researchers discovered the use manganese dioxide as a solid electrolyte for a sintered tantalum capacitor.

  • Masato Sagawa (佐川眞人; born August 3, 1943, in Tokushima, Japan) is a Japanese scientist and entrepreneur, and the inventor of sintered permanent magnet NdFeB.
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