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ADJ   sinuate | more sinuate | most sinuate
VERB   to sinuate | sinuated | sinuated
sinuating | sinuates
SYNO sinuate | sinuous | wiggly
sinuate {adj}ausgebuchtet
sinuate pear borer [Agrilus sinuatus]
Gebuchteter Birnbaumprachtkäfer {m}
sinuate pear borer larva [Agrilus sinuatus, syn.: Coraebus sinuatus]
Blitzwurm {m}
sinuate-striped flea beetle [Phyllotreta vittata, syn.: P. striolata]
Gebänderter Erdfloh {m}
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  • "Psilocybe zapotecorum" gills are a cream color when young and violet brown in age, with an attachment that is sinuate or adnate, and sometimes subdecurrent.
  • "Oxera" is a genus of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae native to Vanuatu and New Caledonia in the western Pacific. with entire or occasionally sinuate (wavy) edges.
  • The name comes from the way local waterways sinuate like horse bristles during the wet season.
  • Elongate oval. Shining black with sinuate yellow vitta on each elytron, vittae broadly attaining margni at apex. Head, pronotum, and elytra closely punctate.
  • The forewings are fuscous with a dark fuscous basal patch occupying two-fifths of the wing, edged by an irregularly sinuate cloudy line of whitish-ochreous suffusion.

  • The forewings are yellowish brown-grey, with a subbasal chocolate patch on the inner margin, an antemedian transverse line to the base of vein two and a strongly angled and sinuate postmedian brown line beyond which is a less strongly marked and less sinuate line on the outer edge of which between vein six and the costa are three dark-brown dots.
  • "Autocrates" is a genus of beetles in the Trictenotomidae family with species across the Indomalayan realm. They are sexually dimorphic with males having longer and more sinuate mandibles.
  • Costa sinuate. Apex pointed and prominent. Termen distinctly sinuate.
  • The species name refers to the sinuate forewing costa.
  • The specific name is derived from the Latin "sinuo" (meaning bend) and refers to the sinuate free saccular extension of the male genitalia.

  • The specific name is derived from Greek "ichnion" (meaning a small track or trail) and refers to the pale, sinuate streak on the forewing.
  • The forewing termen is faintly sinuate. The ground colour is whitish, striated with brown and grey .A sinuate fascia limits the basal patch, The central fascia has a posterior indented prominence in the middle.
  • The gills are salmon pink and sinuate. The spores are pink. The stem is light brown, longitudinally fibrous and slender.
  • It is unique within the genus in having a simple forewing pattern that consists of only a slightly sinuate, dark-brown postmedial line and a solid-colored hindwing.
  • The larvae feed on "Glochidion ferdinandi". They mine the leaves of their host plant. The mine consists of a long broad sinuate gallery. The cocoon is white.

  • Some almost obsolete darker markings are scarcely discernible; a small patch on the upper edge of the cell at about one-third, a sinuate streak from the costa beyond the middle, bowed outward and apparently continued to the dorsum at two-thirds, and a somewhat similar sinuate line nearer to the apex, also bowed outward at its middle and produced downward to the tornus.
  • Hindwing: The termen is sometimes weakly sinuate, sometimes rounded; medially semi-translucent with darkish grey-brown colour.
  • The gills are dark rust-brown; broad, distant and shallowly sinuate.
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