Übersetzung für 'sinuated' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to sinuate | sinuated | sinuated
sinuating | sinuates
sinuated {adj}
mit welligen, eingeschnittenen Rändern [z. B. Blatt]
sinuated {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'sinuated' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sinuated {adj}
mit welligen, eingeschnittenen Rändern [z. B. Blatt]spec.

Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The aperture is quadrangular, sinuated at the base and slightly oblique.
  • Mandibles of the male outwardly much sinuated which aimed near the apex with a large upright tooth.
  • Apical margin of hindwings slightly sinuated, with apical angle sub-rounded.
  • The forewings are white, with three large fuscous areas along the costa and a marginal and submarginal transverse row of fuscous dots at the apex, the marginal row darker and giving a sinuated effect to the termen.
  • The outer lip is deeply sinuated. The siphonal canal is very short.

  • The angle on top of the lip is not deeply sinuated.
  • The plant has ovate-oblong, sinuated leaves that are unequally paired, the blades measuring 4-9 × 2-4.5cm.
  • The wings of this species are emerald green, spotted with snow white, irregularly striped with grey and crossed by three sinuated black lines.
  • The upper side of the forewings are acajou-brown with a large red-orange spot at its base and two sinuated lines of the same colour. The underside is pale pinkish.
  • The outer lip is acute, smooth within, occasionally scarcely sinuated posteriorly.

  • The outer lip is sinuated. The ground color of the shell is a white uniform ivory.
  • The outer lip is arcuate and strongly sinuated. The unique specimen is straw-coloured, with a single brown blotch in front.
  • (Original description) The ovate, shell is ventricosely sinuated.
  • The longitudinal sculpture shows six narrow subacute prominent ribs on each whorl, which are sinuated posteriorly on the right side, and which are continuous along the spire like a species in the genus "Murex".The spiral sculpture consists of very numerous microscopic spiral striae in the intercostal spaces.
  • The outer lip is arcuate with its superior part slightly sinuated.

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