Übersetzung für 'skinned' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   skinned | more skinned | most skinned
VERB   to skin | skinned | skinned
skinning | skins
sb. skinnedjd. enthäutete
skinned {adj} {past-p}gehäutet
skinned {adj} {past-p} [grazed]aufgeschürft
skinned {adj} {past-p}
skinned {adj} {past-p}
abgezogen [gehäutet]
skinned {adj}
geskinnt [mit einem Skin versehen]
2 Wörter: Andere
black-skinned {adj}schwarzhäutig
black-skinned {adj}von schwarzer Hautfarbe
blue-skinned {adj}blauhäutig
brown-skinned {adj}braunhäutig
copper-skinned {adj}rothäutig
dark-skinned {adj}dunkelhäutig
dark-skinned {adj}von dunkler Hautfarbe
fair-skinned {adj}hellhäutig
fair-skinned {adj}mit heller Haut [attr.] [nachgestellt]
green-skinned {adj}grünschalig
light-skinned {adj}hellhäutig
lightish-skinned {adj}(eher) hellhäutig
olive-skinned {adj}mit olivfarbener Haut [nachgestellt]
pale-skinned {adj}hellhäutig
rough-skinned {adj}mit rauer Schale [nachgestellt]
soft-skinned {adj}mit zarter Haut [nachgestellt]
thick-skinned {adj}dickhäutig
thick-skinned {adj} [also: thick skinned] [sclerodermatous]
harthäutig [Sklerodermie]
thick-skinned {adj} [fig.]dickfellig [ugs.] [fig.]
thick-skinned {adj} [fig.]bräsig [bes. nordd.] [dickfellig]
thin-skinned {adj}empfindlich
thin-skinned {adj} [also fig.]dünnhäutig [auch fig.]
yellow-skinned {adj}gelbhäutig
3 Wörter: Verben
to be thick-skinned [idiom]ein dickes Fell haben [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to be thin-skinneddünnhäutig sein
to be thin-skinnedleicht erregbar sein
3 Wörter: Substantive
dark-skinned immigrantdunkelhäutiger Einwanderer {m}
red-skinned potato
rotschalige Kartoffel {f}
thick-skinned personDickhäuter {m} [Mensch]
4 Wörter: Verben
to keep one's eyes skinned [Br.] [idiom]die Augen offen halten [Redewendung]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
horn-skinned bat [Eptesicus floweri]
Warzen-Breitflügelfledermaus {f}
horn-skinned serotine [Eptesicus floweri]
Warzen-Breitflügelfledermaus {f}
rough-skinned floating frog [Occidozyga lima]
Java-Schwimmfrosch {m}
rough-skinned newt [Taricha granulosa]
Rauhäutiger Gelbbauchmolch {m}
rough-skinned newt [Taricha granulosa]
Westamerikanischer Rauhaut-Molch {m}
thick-skinned sea star [Echinaster callosus]
Knotiger Seestern {m}
thick-skinned sea star [Echinaster callosus]
Beulen-Seestern / Beulenseestern {m}
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Übersetzung für 'skinned' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. skinned
jd. enthäutete
skinned {adj} {past-p}


abgezogen [gehäutet]gastr.hunting
skinned {adj} {past-p} [grazed]
skinned {adj}
geskinnt [mit einem Skin versehen]comp.

black-skinned {adj}

von schwarzer Hautfarbe
blue-skinned {adj}
brown-skinned {adj}
copper-skinned {adj}
dark-skinned {adj}

von dunkler Hautfarbe
fair-skinned {adj}

mit heller Haut [attr.] [nachgestellt]
green-skinned {adj}
light-skinned {adj}
lightish-skinned {adj}
(eher) hellhäutig
olive-skinned {adj}
mit olivfarbener Haut [nachgestellt]
pale-skinned {adj}
rough-skinned {adj}
mit rauer Schale [nachgestellt]
soft-skinned {adj}
mit zarter Haut [nachgestellt]
thick-skinned {adj}
thick-skinned {adj} [also: thick skinned] [sclerodermatous]
harthäutig [Sklerodermie]med.
thick-skinned {adj} [fig.]
dickfellig [ugs.] [fig.]

bräsig [bes. nordd.] [dickfellig]
thin-skinned {adj}
thin-skinned {adj} [also fig.]
dünnhäutig [auch fig.]
yellow-skinned {adj}

to be thick-skinned [idiom]
ein dickes Fell haben [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to be thin-skinned
dünnhäutig sein

leicht erregbar sein

dark-skinned immigrant
dunkelhäutiger Einwanderer {m}
red-skinned potato
rotschalige Kartoffel {f}agr.
thick-skinned person
Dickhäuter {m} [Mensch]

to keep one's eyes skinned [Br.] [idiom]
die Augen offen halten [Redewendung]

horn-skinned bat [Eptesicus floweri]
Warzen-Breitflügelfledermaus {f}zool.T
horn-skinned serotine [Eptesicus floweri]
Warzen-Breitflügelfledermaus {f}zool.T
rough-skinned floating frog [Occidozyga lima]
Java-Schwimmfrosch {m}zool.T
rough-skinned newt [Taricha granulosa]
Rauhäutiger Gelbbauchmolch {m}zool.T

Westamerikanischer Rauhaut-Molch {m}zool.T
thick-skinned sea star [Echinaster callosus]
Knotiger Seestern {m}zool.T

Beulen-Seestern / Beulenseestern {m}zool.T
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Structures in the Eastern thrust belt are oriented north–south. It has thick-skinned deformation in the west and thin-skinned in the east.
  • The distribution of light-skinned populations is highly correlated with the low ultraviolet radiation levels of the regions inhabited by them.
  • He observed that the inhabitants were of three groups: "dark skinned, red skinned, and very pale skinned people with red hair".
  • In areas of thrust tectonics, two main processes are recognized: thin-skinned deformation and thick-skinned deformation.
  • A breakdown of the followers of Afro-Cuban religions showed that most practitioners of Palo Mayombe were black and dark brown-skinned, most practitioners of Vodú were medium brown and light brown-skinned, and most practitioners of Santeria were light brown and white-skinned.

  • Phenotypically, Burghers can be either light-skinned or dark-skinned, depending on their ancestral history.
  • Until Tyroc's addition to the Legion, almost every humanoid alien in Legion stories were drawn with Caucasian facial features, including the orange-skinned Chameleon Boy, the blue-skinned Shadow Lass, and the green-skinned, blonde haired Brainiac 5.
  • According to myth, dark skinned people passed through slowly while light skinned people passed through quickly. The Hambukushu also believe that Nyambi created animals from the same molten rock.
  • Karthika, a dark-skinned girl, is treated badly by her fair-skinned sister. She marries Balachandran but has to fight societal and family pressures in order to lead a happy married life.
  • These cartridges were used for the heavier species of soft skinned game, including dangerous ones such lions, tigers and wild boar.

  • Thick-skinned deformation is a geological term which refers to crustal shortening that involves basement rocks and deep-seated faults as opposed to only the upper units of cover rocks above the basement which is known as thin-skinned deformation.
  • The rough-skinned newt ("Taricha granulosa") is a newt known for its strong poison.
  • A variety of bananas grow here, including yellow-skinned, green-skinned, and "red bananas".
  • Rosin is also sometimes used as internal reinforcement for very thin skinned metal objects - things like silver, copper or tin plate candlesticks, or sculptures, where it is simply melted, poured into a hollow thin-skinned object, and left to harden.
  • The novel also evokes sentiments of race and power between dark-skinned men and fair-skinned women regarding the power relationship formed between two of the main characters, Zofloya and Victoria.

  • Jynx has made a number of appearances in the "Pokémon Trading Card Game", with the black-skinned design (sometimes US version cards show up purple and edited before the controversy) before the Weatherford controversy, and with the purple-skinned design after Nintendo regained control of the Pokémon TCG.
  • It is a mutation of the Terret vine that also spawned the dark skinned Terret noir and light-skinned Terret gris varieties.
  • Balarama is depicted as light-skinned, in contrast to his brother, Krishna, who is dark-skinned; Krishna in Sanskrit means dark.
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