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VERB   to skin | skinned | skinned
skinning | skins
skinning {adj} {pres-p}enthäutend
skinningAbisolieren {n}
skinning [of animals]Häuten {n}
skinningHäutung {f}
skinning [e.g. PUR coating]
Verhautung {f} [von Formteilen]
2 Wörter
skinning equipment
Enthäutungs­gerät {n}
skinning knife
Hautmesser {n}
skinning knife
Abhäutemesser {n}
skinning machine
Abschwartmaschine {f}
skinning toolWerkzeug {n} zum Abisolieren
3 Wörter
anti-skinning agentAntihautmittel {n}
anti-skinning agent
Hautverhinderungs­mittel {n}
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  • Optimal preventative practices include limiting direct exposure when handling potentially infected animals by wearing gloves and face masks (importantly when skinning deceased animals).
  • Included inverse kinematics and weighted / rigid skinning.
  • Thurston showed that this follows from the existence of a fixed point for a map of Teichmuller space called the skinning map.
  •    a skinning race (route: Chalet-Neuf - Pointe de Bellevue).
  • Created by TGTSoft, StyleXP is an alternative to other skinning programs such as Stardock's WindowBlinds and Object Desktop.
  • During this period, new versions were released frequently, attracting many enthusiasts to the community. Skinning activity boomed and fan sites were created.
  • MSSTYLES is a Microsoft file format, that contains the bitmaps and metadata for the Windows XP skinning engine, first introduced in Windows Whistler Build 2250.
  • NASA has been studying foam-clad stitched-fabric carbon fiber composite skinning to create uninterrupted cabin space.
  • The popularity of various designs has changed along with the skinning community.
  • "Expressions" — producing new creative forms (such as digital sampling, skinning and modding, fan videomaking, fan fiction writing, zines, mash-ups).
  • Two common methods of skinning are open skinning and case skinning. Typically, large animals are open skinned and smaller animals are case skinned.
  • A dead animal may be flayed when preparing it to be used as human food, or for its hide or fur. This is more commonly called skinning.
  • The fuselage was of semi-monocoque wooden construction with plywood skinning throughout over longerons and built up frames, most of which were shared with the Slingsby T.26 Kite 2.
  • Skinning knives are more a tool than a weapon. Their curved shape was developed to minimize the risk of puncturing hides during the skinning process, and to allow for maximal use of the heel region of the blade.
  • The Model A version was powered by the ubiquitous Curtiss OX-5, and featured a welded steel-tube truss fuselage with metal and fabric skinning.
  • It was an early entrant to the JSF space, but did implement a still-rare feature, that of skinning.
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