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VERB   to snip | snipped | snipped
snipping | snips
snipped {adj} {past-p}geschnippelt
sb. snippedjd. schnippelte
snipped {adj} {past-p}geschnippt
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Übersetzung für 'snipped' von Englisch nach Deutsch

snipped {adj} {past-p}

sb. snipped
jd. schnippelte
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Many labial and lingual frenum (tongue- and lip-ties) were snipped by a midwife, family doctor or dental surgeon.
  • In this case, the snipped small PIBs-based disks can recover itself from mechanical damage after several-hour contact at room temperature.
  • In 1996, about 25 minutes worth of some very short censored black and white 16mm film clips were recovered from the National Archive vaults, snipped by the censor from a variety of 1960s episodes, these cut portions of 16mm film had not been in the hands of the ABC, and had been impounded by the Australian censors.
  • A cut pile rug's yarn is snipped every other loop into the backing, creating a “U” shape from the side profile, while a loop pile rug isn't snipped and creates a continuous “M” or “W”.
  • If a thumb break is designed to be non-removable, it may be snipped off with a pair of shears.
  • A 28-bit version of the ND-500 machine. Pins were snipped on the backplane, removing its status as a superminicomputer, allowing it to legally pass through the CoCom embargo.
  • The location was marked by a large, evergreen bush that was cleverly snipped to the shape of a battle-tank.
  • Leaves and abscission: It is common for older leaves to die off occasionally, but especially in winter. They may be snipped off. New leaves will replace them.
  • A single red rose is snipped from the garden in Seething Lane, placed on an altar cushion from All Hallows-by-the-Tower and carried in procession west to the Mansion House where it is presented to the Lord Mayor of London.
  • The apple snails can be cooked in the shell or without them. If the shells are retained, the end tips are snipped off to facilitate cooking and to loosen the meat inside.
  • All three had snipped toes and extreme stiletto heels, and one featured a multi-patterned, pierced upper.
  • Sample are snipped out, slowed to half speed and then run through Whitman's signature array of boxes and generators to create an "automatic enhancement" of the original tune.
  • On October 7, 2015, he posted on his Instagram account a video where he was lip-synching a snipped of "Fine by Me".
  • She shot for Mahesh Bhatt's "Junoon" (1992) too, but her role was snipped at the editing table.
  • The original garment had four marks that were snipped into the cloth as part of the original Nauvoo endowment ceremony.
  • As a result of legal action from the Gretsch company over the guitar's name, the "Broadcaster" (Gretsch already had the "Broadkaster" name registered for a line of drums), factory workers simply snipped the "Broadcaster" name from its existing stock of decals, so guitars with these decals are identified simply as "Fender", without any model name.
  • After his death he was clothed in the habit six times since the faithful snipped parts of it off for themselves as relics.
  • A portion of the stem, which is snipped with scissors, is left on top for aesthetic appeal.
  • The first cover was artwork featuring a child offering up a pink hyacinth snipped from her mother's favourite pot plant, sending a playful message to readers to "come and join the fun".
  • Prince Rupert's drops (also known as Dutch or Batavian tears) when the tail is snipped, the drop disintegrates explosively into powder, whereas the bulbous head can withstand compressive forces of up to [...].
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