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NOUN   a society woman | society women
society womanWeltdame {f}
society womanSalonlöwin {f}
woman-to-woman talkFrauengespräch {n}
eighty-year-old (woman<80-year-old (woman)>Achtzigjährige {f} <80-Jährige>
die feine Gesellschaft {f}
societyGesellschaftsform {f}
societyVereinigung {f}
societyVerein {m}
societyGesellschaft {f}
societyDunstkreis {m} [fig.]
enlightened societyaufgeklärte Gesellschaft {f}
collecting societyVerwertungs­gesellschaft {f}
authoritarian society
autoritäre Gesellschaft {f}
society newsGesellschaftsnachrichten {pl}
parallel society
Parallelgesellschaft {f}
aristocratic societyAdelsgesellschaft {f}
café societySchickeria {f}
classless society
klassenlose Gesellschaft {f}
performance societyLeistungs­gesellschaft {f}
anonymous society
anonyme Gesellschaft {f}
reading society
Lesegesellschaft {f}
privileged societyprivilegierte Gesellschaft {f}
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  • He then bets the actress who originally ordered the gown that if Eva wears his creation to an upcoming movie premiere, she will be accepted as a high-society woman.
  • Campbell died on 4 June 2007. The novel was controversial at the time for its portrayal and treatment of women, including the protagonist's murder of his estranged wife, a high society woman.
  • Maxwell-Conover is cast as a Long Island society woman in the First National Pictures comedy.
  • Cheveley that he has her brooch and knows that she stole it from an important society woman.
  • The film introduces two fictional romances into the story, one with a woman named Julie Adams, played by Leslie, and the other a near-romance with a rich society woman played by Smith.

  • Also on the prowl is The Maestro (Hector Elizondo), a skilled jewel thief pursuing the diamond necklace of society woman Amanda Rawlings (Dody Goodman).
  • RKO assigned Cromwell the drama "Night Song" (1948) starring Dana Andrews and Merle Oberon concerning a wealthy society woman who strives to advance the career of a blind pianist.
  • She then felt qualified to write a book on one of the greatest authors of all time, smoothing over patches in her life that were too rough for the sophisticated society woman.
  • centres on the efforts of Clarissa Dalloway, a middle-aged society woman, to organise a party, even as her life is paralleled with that of Septimus Warren Smith, a working-class veteran who has returned from the First World War bearing deep psychological scars".
  • Merchant himself borrowed bridge tables from a local society woman and a desk used by the founder of Hallmark greeting cards from his son, who was then head of the company.

  • Margaret was a society woman and strict with the children, but loved her family.
  • Last but not least Sylvia was awarded with USC Latina/o Cinema Society Woman Filmmaker award.
  • Wilows himself felt that Nancy was a "sultry, yet domineering high-society woman from hell".
  • The film depicts the passionate and tempestuous liaison between mechanic Erik (Wiese) and society woman Sonja (Riiser-Larsen).
  • Estelle has overall been more popular in the United States than in the British Isles, with there being at least two prominent American namesakes: writer Estelle Anna Lewis (1824–1880) and society woman Estelle Skidmore Doremus (1830–1905), who significantly predate the name's mid-19th century British vogue (although in Lewis' case it is dubious if Estelle were her birth name rather than a literary affectation).

  • High society woman Muriel Allen (Christine McIntyre) wants to attend a swanky dinner party thrown by friend Alice Preston (Rebel Randall) but husband Arthur (Charles Williams) decides instead to go on a fishing trip.
  • A perceptive society woman, she dearly loves Laura and her mother, but her unwillingness to become involved in the affairs of others keeps her from preventing Laura and Zeluco's marriage.
  • One unique fact about the Rams was that as of November 1934, they were owned by a woman: Glyma Orr, identified in print as "a young society woman" from Dallas, who had also been a former head cheerleader and was a devoted football fan.
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