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NOUN   a sore loser | sore losers
sore loserschlechter Verlierer {m}
loserVerlierer {m}
loserUnterlegener {m}
loserBesiegter {m}
loser [female]Unterlegene {f}
You loser!Du Flasche!
loser [coll.]Blindgänger {m} [ugs.] [Versager]
loser [female]Verliererin {f}
loser [female]Besiegte {f}
loser [coll.]Depp {m} [ugs.]
The Loser
Der Untergeher [Thomas Bernhard]
A Loser
Ein Verbummelter [Stefan Zweig]
loser [coll.] [failure]Null {f} [ugs.] [Versager]
loser [coll.] [failure]Loser {m} [ugs.] [Versager]
Loser [Jerry Spinelli]
Der Held aus der letzten Reihe
modernisation loser [Br.]
Modernisierungs­verlierer {m}
loser [coll.] [failure]Nulli {m} [ugs.]
loser [coll.] [failure]Nullnummer {f} [ugs.] [Versager]
loser [coll.] [failure]Opfa {m} [pej.] [Jugendjargon] [Versager]
loser [coll.] [failure]Versager {m}
winner and loser generationsGewinner- und Verlierergenerationen {pl}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Like Klay, Tank is a sore loser, as he wines when he loses and even rudely snaps at those who tries to cheer him up, such as Tom.
  • Often cast as a villain or sore loser, one of his most celebrated bouts was a 1932 match with Jim Londos at a sold-out Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, which Londos won.
  • Harper suggested that Bernier was a sore loser, while Mulroney said that Bernier's creation of a new party would split the vote and make it more likely that Trudeau's Liberals would win the 2019 election.
  • Akira is a pretentious sore loser and a punk boy who wants to be a rock star, and had put the mesh in his hair.
  • However, he refused to marry Gigi because she, though a nice woman when with him, was a sore loser who threw temper tantrums when on the verge of losing mahjong games.

  • In the immediate aftermath of the victory, Blizzard chairman Toye's actions were those of a sore loser.
  • Keith Kopetsky, a rival racer reveals to be a sore loser and punches Eddie.
  • A "sore loser" refers to one who does not take defeat well, whereas a "good sport" means being a "good winner" as well as being a "good loser" (someone who shows courtesy towards another in a sports game).
  • Its main difference from standard Monopoly is the introduction of a sore loser mechanic, which allows players to temporarily assume control of a special token that protects them from most negative effects of landing on board spaces—at their opponents' expense.
  • In United States politics, a sore loser law is a law prohibiting the loser in a primary election from then running as an independent or representing another political party in the general election.

  • Gloria, not wanting Jay to be a sore loser, tells Manny to throw the game.
  • The Alabama Democratic party's leadership successfully disenfranchised most of the Black and poor Whites in the state, by implementation of a poll tax, literacy tests and a grandfather clause; other dispositions they used in order to reduce the challenges to the Democratic party from other parties and independents were a sore-loser law and a loyalty pledge binding any participent to the Democratic primary to the Democratic candidates in the general election.
  • In the case of New York, while his petition was valid and had enough signatures, none of his electors filed declarations of candidacy; in the cases of Mississippi a sore-loser law was in place, and because he ran in that state's Democratic presidential primary he was ineligible to run as an Independent in the general.
  • Though supportive of human rights, Michael at times displays male chauvinism as well; this is evidenced when he objects to having his appendix removed by a female doctor and when he reveals himself to be a sore loser when playing a board game called "Group Therapy" with his family and neighbors.
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