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SYNO painfully | sorely
sorely {adv}schlimm
sorely {adv} [afflicted, troubled, offended] [literary]zutiefst
sorely {adv}bitterlich
sorely {adv} [painfully]schmerzlich
sorely {adv} [extremely]äußerst
sorely {adv} [painfully]bitter [schmerzlich]
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sorely afflicted {adj}leidgeprüft
sorely afflicted {adj}sehr betrübt
sorely afflicted {adj}übel heimgesucht
sorely afflicted {adj}stark beeinträchtigt
sorely afflicted {adj}äußerst beeinträchtigt
sorely disappointed {adj}äußerst enttäuscht
sorely missed {adj}schmerzlich vermisst
sorely needed {adj} {past-p}sehr benötigt
sorely shocked {adj}aufs Äußerste schockiert
sorely tempted {adj}stark versucht
sorely tempted {adj}in größter Versuchung
sorely tried {adj}viel geprüft [hum.]
to miss sorelyschmerzlich vermissen
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sorely in need {adv}in äußerster Not
to be sorely mistakensich gewaltig irren [ugs.]
to be sorely neededdringend benötigt werden
to try sb.'s patience sorely
jds. Geduld auf eine harte Probe stellen
5+ Wörter
Our patience was sorely tried.Unsere Geduld wurde auf eine harte Probe gestellt.
to be sorely in need of sb./sth.jdn./etw. dringend brauchen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In 2010, successful local rivals VTFC (Vosper Thornycroft) changed their name to Sholing FC in a bid to attract more local support but they are not connected in any way to Sholing Sports, who remain consigned to the history books and sorely missed.
  • McLean's 2006 season was interrupted by leg and hamstring injuries, but when playing he had immediate impact and was sorely missed when not available for selection.
  • Bruce, Sarah and Van welcomed Cal with open arms, giving the lonely girl the love that she had craved and sorely needed.
  • He was sorely missed during the 2nd round matches of 1994 ICC Trophy in Kenya, as he was sidelined by an injury.
  • The neutrality was sorely tested – the nation's merchant fleet suffered heavy casualties to German U-boats and commerce raiders.

  • "The noblest of men. He brought laughter to a million hearts. Loving father to Leo, Quona, Jack and Lyall. Beloved partner to Nicola. So sorely missed. My wonder".
  • South Carolina had been sorely disappointed by negotiations surrounding the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832.
  • During Lokota's leadership, the battalion was able to establish discipline and organization, which the Ukrainian unit was sorely lacking.
  • Charles-Marie was thus the heir to a line of officers of French origin who put themselves in the service of the young Kingdom of Belgium, whose army was sorely lacking in experienced officers during its independence in 1831.
  • Seung Park of "Kotaku" remarked that the group "stepped up to fill a sorely-needed niche in k-pop" and called Red Velvet "Orange Caramel's spiritual successors as the resident purveyors of the quirky and weird".

  • The Kleinprofil trains could finally be moved back from the E line to the A line, which sorely needed the trains due to a very large number of passengers on the segment between Schönhauser Allee and Alexanderplatz.
  • Willmott wrote that the book "sorely" lacked "scholarly judgment" and that it is "disappointingly limited" in terms of being a reference book.
  • In a 1996 interview in the Boston Globe, Morgan confirmed that she believed her move to Andover sorely undermined the possibility of becoming recognized.
  • 33rd Armoured Brigade had been delayed in landing, and its absence was sorely felt by the British Second Army during the tough fighting around Villers-Bocage (13–16 June).
  • Cetto's son Melo will be sorely tried by these cruel treatment, especially when the father, in order to not to end up in jail, sends his child instead, telling him unceremoniously that the prison is a training place for young people, almost better than a university.

  • The Allmusic review by Steve Huey awarded the album 5 stars and calling it "a superbly sensuous blend of lusty blues swagger and achingly romantic ballads... a quiet, sorely underrated masterpiece".
  • Unfortunately ace marksman William Maxwell bid farewell to Stoke at the end of the season joining Third Lanark for £250 after scoring 85 goals in 173 games for the "Potters" and he would be sorely missed.
  • It ends weeks later after a disappearance that sorely challenge the detective skills of Balzic.
  • Political analyst [...] called Open Russia a “sorely needed” project that represented an “antidote” to the current realities of Russian life.
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