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NOUN   a sorites | sorites
sorites [polysyllogism]
Sorites {m}
sorites paradox
Sorites-Paradoxie {f}
sorites paradox
Paradoxie {f} des Haufens
sorites problem
Sorites-Problem {n}
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  • Sorites {m} = sorites [polysyllogism]
  • Sorites-Paradoxie {f} = sorites paradox
  • Sorites-Problem {n} = sorites problem
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Several kinds of relations were introduced to describe preference and indifference without running into the sorites paradox.
  • Since the zygote is genetically identical to the embryo, the fully formed fetus, and the baby, questioning the beginning of personhood could lead to an instance of the sorites paradox, also known as "the paradox of the heap".
  • A polysyllogism, or a sorites, is a form of argument in which a series of incomplete syllogisms is so arranged that the predicate of each premise forms the subject of the next until the subject of the first is joined with the predicate of the last in the conclusion.
  • An example for the use of sorites in an argumentative context is presented by Goclenius in his "Dissertatio De Ortu Animi" which concludes the first edition of the "Psychologia".
  • a. sorites paradox—has been the subject of much philosophical debate.

  • Concepts related to this problem include the classical sorites paradox (aggregates and organic wholes), mereology (the philosophical study of parts and wholes), Gestalt psychology, and Leibniz's concept of the "vinculum substantiale".
  • The inscrutability of reference is also used in the sorites paradox.
  • In philosophy, the boiling frog story has been used as a way of explaining the sorites paradox.
  • The scientists then realize they must come up with a definitive answer to the problem of whether or not the Tropis are human, something they have avoided doing on the grounds that fixing an arbitrary limit between human and non-human is akin to the sorites paradox.
  • The word "sorites" [...] comes from [...] , "heaped up", from σωρός "heap" or "pile".

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