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spare capacityungenutzte Kapazität {f}
spare {adj}überschüssig
spare {adj}spärlich
spare {adj}übrig
spareErsatzteil {n}
spare {adj}überflüssig
spareErsatz {m}
spareReserve {f} [Ersatz]
spare parts
E-Teile {pl} [ugs.] [Ersatzteile]
Spare me!Verschone mich!
spare personzugeknöpfte Person {f}
to spare timeZeit finden
to spare timeZeit erübrigen
spare partReserveteil {n}
spare wheel
Reserverad {n}
spare moneyüberschüssiges Geld {n}
spare cashüberschüssiges Bargeld {n}
spare cylinder
Ersatzzylinder {m}
spare slot
Reservesteckplatz {m}
to spare [archaic]sparen
spare clothes {pl}
Kleidung {f} zum Wechseln
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  • Losses at Jaguar led to closure of the company's Browns Lane plant in Coventry in 2004. Spare capacity at Halewood allowed Land Rover Freelander production to be transferred there in 2006.
  • Each participant who experiences an increase in disposable income then spends some portion of it on final (consumer) goods, according to his or her marginal propensity to consume, which causes the cycle to repeat an arbitrary number of times, limited only by the spare capacity available.
  • A push VOD system uses a personal video recorder (PVR) to store a selection of content, often transmitted in spare capacity overnight or all day long at low bandwidth.
  • 100 Squadron has a degree of spare capacity in terms of its operations, it would take on an additional role of fast jet flying training.
  • At times, the brewery has allowed its spare capacity to be used for brewing of other beers. Wieckse Witte and Chimay have at one stage been brewed in the abbey.

  • Coupling this historical information with real-time knowledge about volumetric capacity in catchment areas, such as spare capacity in reservoirs, ground-water levels, and the degree of saturation of area aquifers is also needed in order to make the most accurate flood forecasts.
  • However, due to the Cable's redundancy and spare capacity, users experienced no change in access or speed.
  • Approaches include basing a strategy on innovative services explicitly designed to use only spare capacity and borrowing proven methods from the airline industry.
  • This meant that there was no spare capacity to build diesel versions of the engine.
  • In support of its application, the airline stressed that any spare capacity would be filled with its tour operator affiliates' customers.

  • Any spare capacity was used to carry general, commercial cargo.
  • After it had become clear that the French industry did not have the spare capacity to meet those demands and that they far out-reached the possibilities of domestic production, it was decided to produce the smaller, cheaper and more modern FIAT 3000 (a copy of the Renault FT) instead, three of which had been received in May 1918.
  • During the early 1980s, it was clear that the existing road infrastructure serving the Isle of Dogs development zone had no spare capacity, and the Limehouse Link formed the western part of improvements proposed by the London Docklands Development Corporation.
  • One of the alternatives would be to have spare capacity from conventional power stations running part loaded ("spinning reserve"), hence at lower efficiency than otherwise, and thus capable of being rapidly run up to full load.
  • The Caribbean Airways and Air Seychelles contracts used spare capacity on BCal's DC-10-30s, while the Surinam Airways wet lease utilised the ex-Laker DC-10-10s operated by British Caledonian Charter.

  • That is why some busy sites require more head room (spare capacity) to handle the volumes; for example, a high-volume online trading site reserves spare capacity with a ratio of three to one.
  • Design had three priorities: Leyland had no spare capacity, and re-work commenced with the help of BRC&W.
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