Übersetzung für 'sphericity' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a sphericity | sphericities
SYNO globosity | globularness | rotundity | ...
Kugelgestalt {f}
Sphärizität {f}
sphericityKugeligkeit {f}
sphericityKugelförmigkeit {f}
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Übersetzung für 'sphericity' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kugelgestalt {f}math.

Sphärizität {f}geol.math.

Kugeligkeit {f}

Kugelförmigkeit {f}
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  • While the sphericity of the Earth was widely recognized in Greco-Roman astronomy from at least the 4th century BC, the Earth's daily rotation and yearly orbit around the Sun was never universally accepted until the Copernican Revolution.
  • While Mauchly's test is one of the most commonly used to evaluate sphericity, the test fails to detect departures from sphericity in small samples and over-detects departures from sphericity in large samples.
  • A recent study of medieval concepts of the sphericity of the Earth noted that "since the eighth century, no cosmographer worthy of note has called into question the sphericity of the Earth".
  • The maturity of a sediment is related not only to the sorting (mean grain size and deviations), but also to the fragment sphericity, rounding and composition.
  • The legacy left by Krumbein includes his 'Krumbein Scale', a system of measuring 'roundness' or 'sphericity' of particles and the Krumbein "phi" (φ) scale, a logarithmic scale used for evaluating particle size that is a modification to the older Wentworth scale.

  • Microspheres vary widely in quality, sphericity, uniformity, particle size and particle size distribution. The appropriate microsphere needs to be chosen for each unique application.
  • In geology and the study of sediments (where three-dimensional particles are most important), roundness is considered to be the measurement of surface roughness and the overall shape is described by sphericity.
  • The distribution of solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere is determined by Earth's sphericity and orbital parameters.
  • Among many of the other medieval writers describing the sphericity of the Earth, there is Thomas Aquinas who wrote in his "Summa Theologica" that the sphericity of the Earth can be "demonstrated" and John Mandeville who, in his "The Travels of Sir John Mandeville", also goes about demonstrating the sphericity of the Earth as an exercise.
  • is a statistical method of adjusting for lack of sphericity in a repeated measures ANOVA.

  • The measured high sphericity of the kilonova AT2017gfo at early epochs was deduced from the blackbody nature of its spectrum.
  • Generally speaking, the common feature (sphericity) indicates that each sphere represents an internal equilibrium of forces within a fluid medium (water, air).
  • The snub dodecahedron has the highest sphericity of all Archimedean solids.
  • One example of a compactness measure is sphericity [...].
  • The acentric factor is said to be a measure of the non-sphericity (centricity) of molecules. Values of [...] correspond to vapor pressures above the critical pressure, and are non-physical.

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