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stoically {adv}stoisch
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Übersetzung für 'stoically' von Englisch nach Deutsch

stoically {adv}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The earlier story has a humorous tone, but takes a philosophical note as members of another alien race describe living stoically alongside the shapeshifters.
  • Joe then marches stoically from the Capitol.
  • Durand's vision of a monk who stoically rescues the severed head of Odysseus.
  • And while Matanzas stoically endured his permanence at the bottom of the pond until his total disappearance towards the mid-1970s, Henequeneros, the other squad of the land of crocodiles, adorned his souvenir closet with a trophy in the 1969 campaign -70.
  • Rani Roopmati stoically poisoned herself to avoid capture, bringing an end to the love story.

  • Confronted with Sam's information, the agent resigns from the Agency, but not before arresting Orlov, who stoically accepts his immediate execution.
  • She died on Thursday 4 June aged 99, "from an illness stoically borne" according to her family.
  • Shelley seeks to show the role or plight of women under the traditional and conventional laws and customs of marriage. Rosalind is a pliant victim. She stoically follows those customs.
  • Late in his career, Hammerstein experienced numerous legal setbacks, most of them pertaining to ownership of his opera houses, which he endured stoically.
  • As the noise of singing, drumming and cheering rises to a crescendo, each young man must stoically endure a flogging to demonstrate his manhood.

  • Brutus the consul is said to have burst forth with emotion at times during the punishment of his sons, although elsewhere he is said to have watched stoically while the punishment was carried out.
  • The inhabitants have a fatalistic philosophy that allows them to face inevitable destruction stoically, but McKinnon cannot accept this.
  • Norris took the news stoically.
  • In fact, aside from guard duty and daily drill the men spent their time stoically awaiting the return of spring with its promise of future conflict.
  • Hoagy is the next victim, after he visits the pier to try to persuade Mrs. Selden to leave the area. He, too, is pulled under the sand by the underground creature while she watches stoically.

  • Contemporary news reports indicate Mahon walked stoically to the scaffold without uttering a word.
  • Spanky stoically performing his act with him having an amusing slow burn annoyance while enduring his friends embarrassing him surprisingly makes his act the hit of the show, with everyone laughing and loving it except his Mother.
  • Many stoically accept; others resist.
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