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ADJ   stoichiometric | - | -
stoichiometric {adj}
below stoichiometric {adj}
off-stoichiometric {adj}
nicht stöchiometrisch
non-stoichiometric compound
nichtstöchiometrische Verbindung {f}
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  • As for many reactions, the experimental rate equation does not simply reflect the stoichiometric coefficients in the overall reaction: It is third order overall: first order in H2 and second order in NO, even though the stoichiometric coefficients of both reactants are equal to 2.
  • The deoxygenation of phosphine oxides has been extensively developed because many useful stoichiometric reactions convert tertiary phosphines to the corresponding oxides.
  • Non-stoichiometric silver telluride has shown extraordinary magnetoresistance.
  • Many superconductors are non-stoichiometric. For example, yttrium barium copper oxide, arguably the most notable high-temperature superconductor, is a non-stoichiometric solid with the formula Y"x"Ba2Cu3O7−"x".
  • This sacrificial compound is also known as a stoichiometric catalyst when added in stoichiometric quantities compared to the main reactant.

  • A modification has also been reported in which DEAD can be used in catalytic versus stoichiometric quantities, however this procedure requires the use of stoichiometric (diacetoxyiodo)benzene to oxidise the hydrazine by-product back to DEAD.
  • In industrial fired heaters, power plant steam generators, and large gas-fired turbines, the more common terms are percent excess combustion air and percent stoichiometric air.
  • In industrial fired heaters, power station steam generators, and large gas-fired turbines, the more common way of expressing the usage of more than the stoichiometric combustion air is "percent excess combustion air".
  • NbB2 can be synthesized by stoichiometric reaction between constituent elements, in this case Nb and B. This reaction provides for precise stoichiometric control of the materials.
  • The crystalline structure and electronic behavior is determined by its elemental composition. Stoichiometric copper selenide is a zero bandgap material with metal-like behavior.

  • In lay terms, the "stoichiometric coefficient" of any given component is the number of molecules and/or formula units that participate in the reaction as written.
  • The answer is: the convex hull of the stoichiometric vectors of the irreversible reactions should not intersect with the linear span of the stoichiometric vectors of the reversible reactions and the reaction rate constants of the remained reversible reactions should satisfy the Wegscheider identities.
  • Another reason for running rich is that off-stoichiometric mixtures burn cooler than stoichiometric mixtures, which makes engine cooling easier.
  • Cerium forms a stoichiometric dioxide, CeO2, where cerium has an oxidation state of +4.
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