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stoichiometrically {adv}
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Übersetzung für 'stoichiometrically' von Englisch nach Deutsch

stoichiometrically {adv}
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  • "tert"-Butyl isocycanide forms complexes that are stoichiometrically analogous to certain binary metal carbonyl complexes, such as Fe2(CO)9 and Fe2(tBuNC)9.
  • The drawbacks to the reaction include the fact that stoichiometrically, 4 equivalents of chromium chloride must be used, since there is a reduction of two halogen atoms.
  • Faradaic efficiency of a cell design is usually measured through bulk electrolysis where a known quantity of reagent is stoichiometrically converted to product, as measured by the current passed.
  • Many amines are produced from aldehydes and ketones via reductive amination, which can either proceed catalytically or stoichiometrically.
  • However tienilic acid is a good mechanism based inhibitor of CYP2C9 and seems to inactivate it stoichiometrically.

  • One of the major limitations of is that halogens does not react stoichiometrically with conjugated double bonds (particularly abundant in some drying oils).
  • FOX-7 is stoichiometrically identical (but structurally unrelated) to the explosives and propellants RDX and HMX, and therefore produces the same quantity of gas per gram, a key determinant of performance.
  • The composition is approximately 70% KClO3 : 30% Al by weight for the reactants of the above stoichiometrically balanced equation.
  • This is a relatively inexpensive, simple thin-film process that produces stoichiometrically accurate crystalline phases.
  • A cyclopentadienyl complex is also known that is likely to be stoichiometrically AmCp3.

  • Streptavidin can be used as a macro-initiator for in situ ATRP, through grafting from strategy, a stoichiometrically well defined polymer-protein conjugate can be synthesized.
  • In chemistry, a reoxidant is a reagent that regenerates a catalyst by oxidation. In some cases they are used stoichiometrically, in other cases only small amounts are required.
  • Overall, phalloidin is found to react stoichiometrically with actin, strongly promote actin polymerization, and stabilize actin polymers.
  • The product is stoichiometrically produced from caffeine at a 1:1 molar ratio, and there was no hydrogen peroxide byproduct.
  • In cases where secondary oxidizing agents cause side reactions, it is possible to stoichiometrically convert TEMPO to the oxoammonium salt in a separate step.

  • Tertiary allylic alcohols can also be stoichiometrically oxidized by oxoammonium salts to enones in a variation of the Babler-Dauben reaction.
  • Nitronium perchlorate and ammonium perchlorate do not produce smoke when stoichiometrically burned with non-metallic fuels.
  • PET is stoichiometrically a mixture of carbon and [...] , and therefore has been used in an experiment involving laser-driven shock compression which created nanodiamonds and superionic water.
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