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strength calculation
Festigkeitsberechnung {f}
calculationKalkül {n} [auch {m}]
calculationKalkulation {f}
calculationBemessung {f}
Rechnung {f} [Berechnung]
calculationAusrechnung {f}
calculationVoraussage {f}
calculationVoranschlag {m}
calculationErrechnung {f}
calculationBerechnung {f}
calculationKostenvoranschlag {m}
calculation securityKalkulationssicherheit {f}
calculation factorKalkulationsfaktor {m}
calculation methods
Rechenverfahren {pl}
correct calculationrichtige Kalkulation {f}
quantity calculationMengenrechnung {f}
calculation processRechenvorgang {m}
calculation operationRechengang {m}
calculation methods
Rechenmethoden {pl}
calculation methods
Berechnungs­methoden {pl}
FEM calculation
FEM-Berechnung {f}
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  • The design factor is defined for an application (generally provided in advance and often set by regulatory building codes or policy) and is not an actual calculation, the safety factor is a ratio of maximum strength to intended load for the actual item that was designed.
  • Several correlations have been shown between infrared stretching frequencies of certain bonds and the electronegativities of the atoms involved: however, this is not surprising as such stretching frequencies depend in part on bond strength, which enters into the calculation of Pauling electronegativities.
  • In 1896, when designing the bridge across the Kotorosl River, Proskouriakov first introduced special tables used for the calculation of bearing strength (load-carrying capacity) for bridge builders.
  • The power rating of a team is a calculation of the team's strength relative to other teams in the same league or division.
  • While important in detecting targets, strength of emitter and distance are not factors that affect the calculation of an RCS because RCS is a property of the target's reflectivity.

  • By Arpad Elo's calculation, his playing strength during his five-year peak was equivalent to an Elo rating of 2530.
  • By Arpad Elo's calculation, Atkins' strength during his five-year peak was equivalent to an Elo rating of 2540.
  • According to this Engineer Manual, an appropriate SMF value allows calculation of greater-than-active earth pressures using Coulomb's active force equation.
  • But it is generally not feasible to perform a perturbative calculation in a gauge theory without first "fixing the gauge"—adding terms to the Lagrangian density of the action principle which "break the gauge symmetry" to suppress these "unphysical" degrees of freedom.
  • The calculation was more complex since it had to incorporate the other aforementioned factors.

  • While some allowance for this is made in the calculation both of the UAI generally (one of the improvements over the TER it replaced) and for accelerants in particular, scores for subjects in the student's final year generally carry more weight.
  • More accurate corrections are done when possible, but in the particular case of a VFR pilot mentally calculating an unexpected diversion, using tables or the E6B slide rule in flight is usually not an option, so the clock code is one method of handling the required calculation without excessive error.
  • is a decomposition of an HDR image into areas (frameworks) of consistent illumination and the local calculation of the lightness values.
  • The central performance bottleneck in path tracing is the complex geometrical calculation of casting a ray.
  • The calculation of the exact magnetic field at any point in space is mathematically complex and involves the study of Bessel functions.

  • but if we are in this situation is because of your subjects do not understand the way to follow and serve heroes, advocating that one can violate trust and turn his on his vows and instead change his views such as the sun and moon shift looking to only please your ears and eyes with their flattery and fawn therefore cannot plan with thoughtful calculation for the future of the state.
  • The second factor is an economic calculation of the costs that military force, sanctions, and other coercive instruments can impose and the benefits that trade and other economic incentives may carry.
  • When the maneuvering in an ending to achieve an irreversible improvement takes more moves than the horizon of calculation of a chess engine, an engine is not guaranteed to find the best move without the use of an endgame tablebase, and in many cases can fall foul of the fifty-move rule as a result.
  • There are some drawbacks to the traditional calculation of the plus–minus statistic in ice hockey.
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