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ADJ   stringent | more stringent | most stringent
SYNO rigorous | stringent | tight
stringent {adj}streng
stringent {adj}strikt
stringent {adj}bindend
stringent {adj}zwingend
stringent {adj}pingelig [ugs.]
stringent {adj}stringent
stringent {adj}zusammenziehend
2 Wörter
more stringent {adj}strenger
stringent argumentüberzeugendes Argument {n}
stringent conditionharte Bedingung {f}
stringent conditionstrenge Bedingung {f}
stringent marketgedrückte Kurse {pl}
stringent necessityzwingende Notwendigkeit {f}
stringent regulationsstrenge Regeln {pl}
3 Wörter
less stringent rulesweniger strenge Regeln {pl}
most stringent requirementsstrikteste Anforderungen {pl}
stringent money market
gedrückter Geldmarkt {m}
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  • stringent = compelling
  • stringent = stringent
  • stringent [geh.] [konsequent] = rigorous [strict] [decision, concept]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He was released on bail with stringent conditions.
  • Requirements and enforcement arrangements were most stringent for textile factories, least stringent for domestic workshops (and the inspectorate had no powers to secure entry into dwellings).
  • Individual chapters may apply more stringent standards if they so desire.
  • The BACT standard is significantly more stringent than the reasonably available control technology standard but much less stringent than the lowest achievable emissions rate standard.
  • Cockfights have no tradition in Germany. They are illegal under increasingly stringent criminal law since 1871.

  • Increasingly stringent emission control regulations continued to decrease the engine's power output, making the smaller version inadequate as increasingly stringent safety regulations also made vehicles heavier.
  • Displeasure of the tribes of the northern part of the Presidency over the stringent taxation schemes of the British government erupted in the form of a major rebellion in 1879.
  • But the majority and minority split 5-4 on how stringent the new modified standard should be, with the majority opting for one less stringent than what the minority proposed.
  • A stringent regulatory authority (SRA) is a national drug regulation authority which is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) to apply stringent standards for quality, safety, and efficacy in its process of regulatory review of drugs and vaccines for marketing authorization.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority was criticised for not implementing stringent safety regulations earlier.

  • Packaging and labeling often need to meet stringent technical specifications to help ensure proper delivery and final use.
  • Chapters may adopt more stringent requirements than the national guidelines.
  • Standards required are more stringent and test fees are higher.
  • RCP 2.6 is a "very stringent" pathway.
  • For this reason, more stringent species definitions based on whole genome sequences have been proposed.

  • In California, the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA), provides more stringent protections than the federal statutes.
  • The international standard IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment (3rd edition) specifies stringent criteria on the safety and isolation of medical devices.
  • An observatory chronometer is a timepiece that has passed stringent testing and a slate of accuracy tests.
  • He has been an advocate of the approach to redefine statistical significance by requesting more stringent statistical significance thresholds; he has proposed and empirically validated stringent thresholds for genome-wide significance in genetics; and has been critical of the approach to entirely abandon statistical significance.
  • Note that these are increasingly stringent requirements: [...] -liveness implies [...] -liveness, for [...].

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