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NOUN   a suburban house | suburban houses
suburban houseVorstadthaus {n}
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Übersetzung für 'suburban house' von Englisch nach Deutsch

suburban house
Vorstadthaus {n}
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  • John Algie, then maintenance engineer for CSIRAC, estimated the cost at AU£35,200, which was approximately ten times the cost of a Sydney suburban house at the time.
  • Roger Andrew Taylor was born into a modest family and was brought up in the Shard End area of Birmingham until the age of 11, and then a small suburban house in Castle Bromwich (15 Hawthorne Road).
  • Opening with the midlife crisis of Tom Good, a 40-year-old plastics designer, it relates the joys and setbacks he and his wife Barbara experience when they attempt to escape a modern "rat race" lifestyle by "becoming totally self-sufficient" in their suburban house in Surbiton.
  • In his secret identity of Drake Mallard (a parody of Kent Allard, the alter ego of the Shadow), he lives in an unassuming suburban house with his adopted daughter Gosalyn, next door to the bafflingly dim-witted Muddlefoot family.
  • "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" re-imagines him as an American boy living in the suburban house 100 Acre Road whose backyard connects directly to the Hundred Acre Wood.
  • The Bradmans lived in the same modest, suburban house in Holden Street, Kensington Park, Adelaide, for all but the first three years of their married life.
  • While Song Jiang is famous in "jianghu" (the scofflaw community) for his chivalry and lives in the town district of Yuncheng, being a clerk of the county's magistrate, Song Qing keeps a low profile, taking care of their father at their suburban house and managing the family's properties.
  • Told in the style of Victorian Boys Own Ripping Yarns, the joke is in the fact the north face is not of some Himalayan mountain being scaled by westerners but Indian climbers and that the north face refers to the north face of a suburban house in Portland Oregon near where Le Guin lived.
  • John Hassell and his wife ran a recording studio from their suburban house in Barnes, South West London, but would become key to British sound systems and artists such as Dennis Bovell.
  • The film's final scene shows a very pregnant Lynn living in a suburban house with her new husband.
  • In 1912, Canon William Perry French Morris and his wife (who held degrees in science and medicine) founded a school called St Magnus Hall at Ardencraig, a suburban house in Church Street (now Jephson Street), Toowong, before relocating it to the present site in East Brisbane in 1918.
  • Set in the fine Beeches Avenue, this individually built suburban house offers the visitor some insight into the local Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the early 20th century.
  • The painting was then juxtaposed and affixed to the internal, papered wall of a partly demolished suburban house for the photograph to be taken.
  • A suburban house on East Orchard Street was used to film exterior and interior scenes set in the Sabich family home.
  • Gavin started work with small jobs, the first, a suburban house garden featuring gravel and railway sleepers, in 1988, while he was studying at Glasnevin, still intact as of 2016.
  • Following a county review order in 1934, and in anticipation of suburban house building, Wennington became part of an expanded Hornchurch Urban District and the parish council was abolished.
  • North Ockendon was still rural at the time of its inclusion in the Hornchurch Urban District, but it was anticipated suburban house building would soon encroach on the parish.
  • Realizing Lucy is not a true friend, she destroys the homework she worked on for the Six Chicks and goes on to become happily married to Matty and move into a suburban house resembling the dollhouse.
  • In the nineteenth century, the term "villa" was extended to describe any large suburban house that was free-standing in a landscaped plot of ground.
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