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suburban lifeVorstadtleben {n}
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Übersetzung für 'suburban life' von Englisch nach Deutsch

suburban life
Vorstadtleben {n}
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  • He published several poems about Middlesex and suburban life.
  • Parker explained, "I was kind of attempting a concept album about the suburbs of England, or at least trying to capture a vague approximation of suburban life.
  • The shows often contrast suburban life with the adventures of a show-business family on the road.
  • Picket fences are particularly popular in the United States, with the white picket fence coming to symbolize the ideal middle-class suburban life.
  • Queenie again complains of the tedium of suburban life.
  • Across Duluoz's subsequent trips to Big Sur and interleaved lifestyle in San Francisco, he drunkenly embarrasses Cody by introducing Billie to Cody's wife, and finds himself unable to emotionally provide for the increasingly demanding Billie (who proves to be mentally unstable herself) and to integrate into suburban life.
  • Carmen and Wayne Colson live a quiet, suburban life.
  • "Revolutionary Road" is American author Richard Yates's debut novel about 1950s suburban life in the East Coast.
  • The omnipresent narrator follows the plight of nine-year-old Adrian in his suburban life in 1977.
  • They lived a quiet suburban life in Melbourne. He died in 1991, and she died in 2002.
  • It is a parody of middle class suburban life and tells the tale of a nuclear family in the post-nuclear (holocaust) age.
  • Many of Taradale's residents commute to the Napier or Hastings CBDs and prefer rural or suburban life as opposed to the city life of central Napier.
  • Composer Richard Parker and his wife Priscilla live an ordinary suburban life until they meet their new neighbors Eddy and Kay Otis.
  • The area today is known primarily for several educational institutions as well as robust suburban life.
  • Cristina Peck is a recovering drug addict and now lives a normal suburban life with a supportive husband and two children.
  • Mister Miracle later returns and re-establishes a suburban life with Barda.
  • The second episode of drama-mystery television miniseries "WandaVision", titled "Don't Touch That Dial", heavily references the series through an animated title sequence and the premise of Wanda Maximoff and Vision living an idyllic suburban life trying to conceal their true natures.
  • He wrote several themes for the film including a gentle lullaby for the protagonist Carol Anne and her family's suburban life, a semi-religious theme for scenes concerning the souls trapped between the two worlds, and bombastic atonal bursts during scenes of horror.
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